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ERGO – International

The ERGO Insurance Group operates in over 30 countries in Europe and Asia. In recent years, international business has become an important pillar, with enormous growth potential.

The ERGO Group’s foreign business account for nearly a quarter of overall premium income. Activities on international markets are the most dynamic growth area at ERGO. The group is the European market leader in health and legal expenses insurance.

Focus on Europe and Asia
ERGO seeks to expand internationally, primarily wherever medium- and long-term growth rates are expected. In particular, this includes eastern and southern Europe, China, India and other selected countries in Asia. In expanding its business, ERGO focuses on its expertise in legal expenses, direct insurance and bancassurance, making optimal use of its know-how and experience from its German domestic market.

ERGO on international markets
ERGO operates in numerous European countries.

Large companies under the ERGO umbrella include ERGO Hestia, one of Poland’s best-known insurance brands, with over four million customers in property-casualty and life insurance.

In Turkey, ERGO offers products for all lines of business for its 1.7 million clients.

In the Baltic states, various companies of the ERGO Group enjoy successful operations in property, life and health insurance. Their clientele numbers some 440,000. The companies have uniform management in all three Baltic countries.

In India, ERGO is represented in property insurance with the successful joint venture HDFC ERGO.

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