Location Risk Intelligence
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Munich Re’s
Location Risk Intelligence

Replace risks by control. Simply by opting for a comprehensive risk assessment and management solution

Location Risk Intelligence keeps you in full control of natural disaster and climate change risks globally.

Location Risk Intelligence is a comprehensive analysis platform for location risk assessment and management. Reduce your risks to the minimum with the easy-to-use analysis tool for single locations or entire portfolios.

Location Risk Intelligence is a modular SaaS solution that offers a choice between four different editions to ensure that you can choose your dedicated solution for identifying and measuring risks.

Natural Hazards Edition to generate assessments on the basis of data from past events, Climate Change Edition for future-related assessments on the basis of climate change models, Climate Financial Impact Edition for assessing the financial impact of climate-related events, and Wildfire HD Edition with higher resolution for superior wildfire risk assessments. However, all editions can be extended at any time with the other assessment models as well as with additional supplementary modules.

You also enjoy full flexibility with the deployment options. So it is up to you whether you access the solution via a web application or via the API. And Climate Change Edition is even available as an on-demand version.

Location Risk Intelligence
Christof Reinert
Location Risk Intelligence is the only solution for the assessment of risks from natural disasters and climate change scenarios which is based on the largest and most comprehensive expertise worldwide gained from more than 140 years of risk assessment and management, as well as over 15 years of continuous product development.
Christof Reinert
Head of Risk Management Partners
More than 140 years of experience in risk assessment and management represent the world’s largest and most comprehensive knowledge base of natural disasters and form the basis for Location Risk Intelligence.
More than 50 million risk assessments per year worldwide. And with a customer satisfaction rate of more than 90%.
More than 15 years of continuous development make Location Risk Intelligence by far the most sophisticated solution with the largest functional depth, which will constantly be expanded with new functions and scores.
The solution accesses one of the largest natural catastrophe loss databases, which contains more than 45,000 entries on natural hazards.

Location Risk Intelligence Platform offers highly developed editions tailored precisely to your needs

Restore people’s lives
Extreme weather destroys assets worth billions
Munich Re

Reduce your risks to the minimum with the easy-to-use analysis tool for single locations or entire portfolios

Location Risk Intelligence supports organisations in assessing risks from natural hazards or climate change around the world – from individual locations, areas or infrastructure to entire portfolios – and helps to accelerate business processes and improve both portfolio and claims management.

By entering dedicated locations, users can access risk and hazard assessments in the form of risk scores for a variety of natural hazards and/or climate change risks, visualise them and save or download them as comprehensive reports.

Location Risk

Flexibility to the max

Cloud & API
Location Risk Intelligence is a SaaS solution, but alternatively you can access the scores of the solution via the REST API and use its data entirely in your own applications.
Freedom due to modularity
Thanks to the modular structure, each of the four editions can be supplemented at any time with the others and with additionally available modules as well. All in a single user interface.
Scalable to your needs
Assess single locations or entire portfolios with regard to both natural disasters and the consequences of climate change.

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High value platform functionalities

Single location assessment
Using single location assessment, you can search for individual locations and analyse how exposed they are to current as well as future hazards and what their exposure implies in terms of risk. The location search works both by coordinates and by address. The scores are offered in two types: risk scores to give a first impression and quickly identify red flags, and hazard zones to dive into the details.
Location geocoding
The Location Risk Intelligence Platform includes an integrated geocoder for location visualisation based on an address search within the application. Geocoder transforms the description of a location, such as an address, to latitude and longitude coordinates on the earth’s surface, which can be used for risk analysis.
Map services
Map services are the visualisation of the available hazard datasets and are provided for all the maps you can find in Location Risk Intelligence. Via the map services endpoint in the API you can visualise the maps in your dedicated working environment.
Portfolio assessment
Portfolio assessment allows you to score a portfolio of locations (e.g. real estate or production sites). You can easily review the risk distribution of your portfolio and filter by risk scores to identify red flags. These can be deep dived by examining the exposure of (subsets of) your portfolio to each individual hazard. You can also run an analysis on your portfolio by filtering for different attributes in your location set. The displays of the aggregated exposures can be shown either in terms of total locations affected or by any additional information you care to add (e.g. building value). Reports from the portfolio assessment can be downloaded in the format of your choice.
Save locations and portfolios
Location Risk Intelligence provides you with the option to save the results of your location assessment. For your convenience portfolios are saved automatically. So rather than creating a score again every time you can view past assessments whenever you want.
Elevation profiles
Location Risk Intelligence makes it possible to create elevation profiles between any two locations on the map. By simply drawing a line between two points you can analyse the elevation (height above sea level) in a graph for the entire distance.
Location set filtering
Allows you to filter your location set according to different attributes like risk scores, per country, or depending on the level of geocoding quality. If your data contains additional attributes, you can use them as filter options as well. Corresponding diagrams are shown per peril and selected filters are applied. You can download the results of your analysis as a CSV or Excel file or create a PDF report.
Traffic light visualisation
Location Risk Intelligence provides hazard scores on a normalised scale, visualised by “traffic light” colours that are easy to interpret. To this end, Location Risk Intelligence classifies the hazard exposure into five categories: no or very low exposure, low exposure, medium exposure, high exposure and very high exposure. The traffic light visualisation simplifies the identification of red flags across hazards.
Areas and lines scoring
Location Risk Intelligence expands its risk scoring capabilities from points to areas and lines. Business data is not always ideally represented by an address or a coordinate. This is the case, for example, for railway lines, oil and gas pipelines, roads, airports, industrial plants and ecological areas. Areas and lines scoring capabilities show the percentage of an area exposed to a given natural hazard.
Location Risk Intelligence provides you with the option of getting all scores with the help of a REST API. By using this stateless protocol, you can seamlessly integrate almost all assessment tools and data sets from Location Risk Intelligence into your own application environment.
Location Risk Intelligence provides you with the ability to monitor how present and ongoing wildfires, earthquakes and tropical cyclones affect your portfolio by allowing you to filter your portfolio to show those locations within the affected area. The capabilities of Location Risk Intelligence go beyond assessing damage to helping you to prevent it, because for ongoing tropical cyclone events the solution displays the pathway which leading scientists expect them to take in the following hours and days. Scenario testing based on real past events is also made possible by the inclusion of an extensive archive of selected natural catastrophe events stretching back as far as 1979.

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