Munich Re’s Natural Hazards Edition
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Munich Re’s
Natural Hazards Edition

Advanced decision making with the comprehensive risk assessment and management solution

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    Natural hazards are constantly increasing. However, you can significantly reduce the risks you have to take. Provided you use Natural Hazards Edition, which is based on the world’s most comprehensive collection of natural hazards data.

    Location analytics for advanced decision making – comprehend your current and future risk landscape in eye-opening ways. Natural Hazards Edition connects local and real-time data seamlessly.

    Integrated into your digital workflows, Natural Hazards Edition drives your spatial exploration, visualisation and evaluation. It automates the entire process of creating scalable insights from big data. Our market-leading filter options empower you by giving you deeper insight into new business opportunities. The next generation of geospatial services link multiple technological developments such as cloud-based data, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence into a powerful decision-making solution. We are constantly pushing the envelope towards this goal. 

    The evaluation criteria can be extended modularly at any time by adding those of the Climate Change Edition, Wildfire HD Edition and additional modules.

    Munich Re’s Natural Hazards Edition

    Benefit from the advantages of Natural Hazards Edition

    Easy input & output
    Portfolio upload and filter search tools/options for an easy start and different file options for a quick output of the results.
    Easy to interpret visualization
    Clear visualisation of the risk scores based on performance indicators in different map types as well as colour shading.
    Largest global data collection on climate change
    40 years of natural hazards data collection from Munich Re combined with state-of-the-art scientific data sets for relevant risk scores.
    Climate Expert Mode
    Analyse your portfolios with regard to risks emerging from natural hazards.
    Munich Re’s Natural Hazards Edition

    Reliably evaluate the current status of your entire portfolio or of individual locations, areas or infrastructures

    Munich Re offers high-quality natural hazard expertise to perform efficient exposure analyses of your individual risk locations or entire portfolios. You can cluster main risk hot spots, filter dynamically and identify accumulations in your portfolio to create greater understanding for better decisions.

    In addition to the comprehensive overall score, which is based on the three individually accessible detailed scores for earthquake, storm and flood, users receive dedicated ratings for a total of 12 natural hazards, including earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tropical storms, hail, tornadoes, lightning, wildfires, river floods, storm surges, etc.

    All analysed locations are visually displayed in the form of detailed maps with risk layers and can be saved as reports together with all individual scores.

    You can also increase the profitability of your business with optimum risk diversification and advanced portfolio management: Natural Hazards Edition is based on cutting-edge PostgreSQL technology; we guarantee highest data processing speed and security. Over 50 million risk assessments every year and an annual customer satisfaction score of over 90% demonstrate that this is a globally proven, trusted tool.

    Scores at a glance

    NATHAN risk scores are a powerful tool which enables you to gain an overview of your risk situation and quickly identify high-risk assets. They aggregate the risk of each asset in the portfolio for geophysical, hydrological, meteorological and climatological hazards by drawing on data from Munich Re’s long years of claims experience and expertise in natural catastrophe modelling.

    NATHAN hazard scores describe the hazard level of a location for all hazards.

    NATHAN risk scores

    NATHAN risk scores

    NATHAN hazard scores

    NATHAN hazard scores

    Also available On-Demand

    Pay as you go: In the On-Demand version, users without a contractual commitment can use credits that can be purchased directly on the website to determine risk assessments for single locations (not entire portfolios) and download them in meaningful reports.
    High value platform functionalities

    High value platform functionalities

    Sometimes more is simply more. Especially when it comes to well-designed functionalities that facilitate risk assessment on the one hand and reduce your workload on the other. These outstanding functionalities include single location assessment, portfolio assessment, location geocoding, map services, saving of locations, elevation profiles, traffic light visualisation, location set filtering, REST API and areas and lines scoring.

    For further information simply download our “Natural Hazards Edition” brochure!

    How about trying our solution right now? Or would you rather talk to someone in person?
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    How about trying our solution right now?
    Or would you rather talk to someone in person?