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Our experience is the key to developing future-oriented solutions

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    Risk Management Partners (RMP) is a unit of Munich Re, one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance, primary insurance and insurance-related risk solutions and a pioneer in the global assessment of natural hazards and climate-related risks. Risk Management Partners draws on this experience to develop the risk assessment and risk management solutions of the future - today.

    Issues such as climate change, natural disasters are the problems organisations are facing in today’s world. By analysing these risks and understanding their potential impact, organisations can take proactive steps to protect their assets and to ensure the continuity of their operations. 

    For over 50 years, Munich Re has been collecting data on natural disasters and risks that are seen to be impacted by climate change, which serves as the basis for our powerful cloud solutions. 

    The Location Risk Intelligence Platform provides valuable insights and helps organisations which want to adapt to the changing climate and safeguard their physical assets, and wish to make data-driven decisions in order to mitigate these risks.

    Christof Reinert
    There will always be risks, it just depends on managing them properly. Risk Management Partners supports you with solutions that work.
    Christof Reinert
    Head of Risk Management Partners
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