Enabling the e-mobility transition
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Enabling the e-mobility transition

Warranty insurance solutions protecting your business

The mobility space is undergoing a massive transformation at breakneck pace: Many countries are banning sales of new combustion engine vehicles from 2030, most major manufacturers are transitioning large parts of their product pipeline to electric vehicles and new, all-electric market entrants are shaking up the competition in an unprecedented manner.

Rapid advances in battery technology and decreasing prices have opened the path to mass adoption – but uncertainties about the reliability and long-term performance of the batteries are still a major hurdle in widespread acceptance for both private and professional applications. Creating confidence in the reliability of the technology is the key to the success for all stakeholders in this transition.

Whether you are a manufacturer, a fleet owner or an investor – you’ll benefit from Munich Re’s innovative insurance covers that mitigate long-running warranty risks and safeguard your investments.

Munich Re Green Tech Solutions has been providing innovative insurance solutions for clean technologies for over a decade. Our global team of experts pools resources and know-how not only in the field of e-mobility, but also in the many industries connected to this transformation.

Enabling the e-mobility transition

Cover options

Dedicated cover is available for battery pack, electronic control unit (ECU) and electric motor and offers the following benefits:

Manufacturer cover

  • Protects the warranty promises of the manufacturer towards their customers
  • Covers product warranty and battery capacity warranties
  • Provides a long-term commitment of (up to 10 years): All warranties given during the policy period are insured for their entire duration
  • Possible via a one-time premium payment
  • Indemnifies against above-expected costs in fulfilling warranties
  • Fills gaps between supplier-warranties and manufacturer-warranties, even in the case of supplier insolvency

Fleet cover

  • Special top-up coverage is available for specific, larger clients
  • It protects fleet owners against the insolvency of the manufacturer by extending the benefits of the Manufacturer cover to them directly
  • It provides dedicated insurance capacity for specifically named fleets

Your benefits at a glance

Your benefits at a glance
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4 reasons to choose Munich Re’s warranty insurance

Long-term warranty protection
Balance sheet optimisation
Insolvency-proof protection
Enhanced bankability & reduced financing costs

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