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Insurance covers for energy storage systems

Enabling sustainable growth – safe and sound

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    Renewable energy calls for reliable energy storage

    Renewables like wind and solar energy are intermittent by nature. To successfully master the energy transition, reliable energy storage systems are a must to provide the necessary supply stability. This opens up attractive growth opportunities for solution providers – but also requires huge investments, whose profitability depends on the long-term performance of assets.

    Green Tech Solutions pools expert resources and know-how in the field of renewable energies. Our warranty insurance solutions help to secure your sustainable business in the long run.

    Know the risks

    Energy storage systems often involve the complex integration of multiple high-tech components. These are all prone to failure and malfunction, particularly over long periods of ten years and more.

    As a manufacturer and system integrator you have to provide your customers with warranties. However, excessive warranty claims or a gap of warranties can negatively affect your financial stability.

    Serial failure events can cause high cumulative warranty claims

    Play it safe

    Munich Re’s Green Tech Solutons offer you safety and stability with our Corporate and Solvency Cover that will enhance your product’s reliability and protect your balance sheet on a long-term-basis. At the same time, you are able to offer your customers an additional layer of protection. Even in the event of insolvency, you can assure your customers that their warranty claims remain covered.
    • With a partner like Munich Re’s Green Tech Solutions at your side, you can fulfil your investors’ demands for long-term security and bankable solutions in a rapidly consolidating market.


    The product and performance warranty of your system is protected for the entirety of the warranty period.

    •  Quality and reliability check
      A technical due diligence by our industry experts provides your clients confidence in your product’s reliability
    • Additional Services Green Tech Solutions offers specific sales trainings with regard to the risk transfer solutions for your team and joint marketing activities.
    Quality and reliability check
    A technical due diligence by our industrial technology experts provides your clients confidence in your viability.
    Tailored coverage
    We understand your risks and can help you gauge warranty costs of your projects and scale the level of protection needed depending on your budget and business model.
    Additional Services
    In-house expertise in renewables for more than 12 years and access to network and independent research as well as sales trainings.

    Depending on your protection needs and growth ambitions we have different, tailored solutions for your specific business model. Contact us for further information:

    Contact our experts
    Sebastian Scholz
    Sebastian Scholz
    Product Lead Energy Storage
    Pawlitschko Stefanie
    Stefanie Pawlitschko
    Underwriter Energy Storage
    Stephen Gorman
    Stephen Gorman
    Business Development Lead Energy Storage
    North America
    Kollsman Chan
    Kollsman Chan
    Regional Head of Business Development Energy Storage
    The Greater China

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