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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Green Tech Solutions: Let’s enable sustainable growth

Sustainable energy production is the global challenge if we are to meet the ambitious Paris Agreement on net-zero goals. This challenge also creates huge business potential. To grow in this lucrative yet volatile market, entrepreneurs need to convince both clients and private and public investors of their products’ long-term reliability. But green energy technologies usually come with lots of uncertainties and an inherent risk of performance volatility. This keeps investors from investing and customers from adopting these technologies.

Growing profitable business while tackling climate change

Munich Re’s Green Tech Solutions unit provides the necessary protection backed by Munich Re’s financial strength. Our insurance guarantees the long-term performance of green technologies and is a seal of approval for outstanding technical product quality. Our globally experienced and locally accessible team will guide you safely through all uncertainties, providing coverage for potential performance or warranty claims.

We are pioneers – with a track record of more than 12 years in renewables, we support the energy transition by absorbing the technical risks – enabling entrepreneurs to concentrate on their business and boost their sales. Today we already have 52 GW of renewable energy production, backed by our warranty insurances. That is more than two thirds the capacity of all photovoltaic systems operating in Germany. 
Be it wind, photovoltaic or hydrogen; sustainable technologies like carbon capture or energy storage – we enable sustainable growth and make sure your investment will still be profitable for decades to come. 

As an industry that is accustomed to growth and expansion, photovoltaics has confronted turbulence and barriers. In this environment, investors and lenders value investment security. The sector is challenged with price erosion and optimistic return-on-investment which applies increasing pressure on all stakeholders.

Munich Re offers innovative solutions tailored specifically to the requirements of market participants und thereby supporting the entire industry.

Our insurance solution:
  • Supports manufacturers in backing up their module performance for periods of up to 30 years.
  • Protect buyers of PV modules and investors in PV plants against the insolvency of the manufacturer of the modules.

In order to achieve the efficient distribution and balance of clean energy sources and meet energy efficiency targets, electrical energy storage solutions, such as batteries in stationary and e-mobility applications, are gaining importance.

There are enormous opportunities for this constantly evolving market, but the lack of access to sufficiently cost-effective capital hinders this market from developing sustainably. 

Also the mobility business is undergoing a transformation with many opportunities as advances in battery technology and decreasing prices have opened the path to mass adoption. Nevertheless  the reliability and long-term performance of the batteries are still a certain hurdle. Manufacturer, a fleet owner or investor benefit from our solutions that minimize long-running warranty risks and safeguard your investments.

Our insurance solution:
  • Frees up the manufacturer’s capital that would otherwise have to be used as warranty provisions.
  • Enables long-term warranties against defects and performance degradation to improve investor comfort.

Once reliant on subsidies and tax incentives  wind power now is the third-biggest contributor to the European renewable energies mix.  Munich Re collaborates closely with the wind power industry, investors and banks to identify gaps in lifecycle coverage that pose a financial threat to wind energy projects.

Wind power plants are generally covered against physical damage, accidents and natural hazards by conventional insurance products. Our solutions go further: We support investors and operators  with end-to-end risk management, including preparedness for extreme losses. Our tailored risk-transfer solutions can play a key role in cost efficiency and long-term profitability.

Our insurance solution:
  • Covers the risk of serial losses due to systematic defects.
  • Closes warranty gaps of contractors and component suppliers.

Hydrogen produced from low-carbon or renewable energy sources is one of the shooting stars among the alternatives to fossil fuels and can become an important pillar for energy transition. We at Munich Re will be at the forefront of developments with our core competence in risk assessment, especially in emerging technologies.

Supporting our clients, we enable them to realise the possibilities of this new technology. Together with them, we can also develop completely new business models.

With our strong focus on new energy sources and new technologies, we are the right partner for you.
Benefit from over a decade of experience in the renewable energy sector and the expertise of a leading insurer in the fields of renewable energy, energy storage and energy efficiency.
All this is in line with our solid track record in other technologies, such as PV or wind.

Are you interested in a partnership, exchange of ideas or cooperation in the field of hydrogen?
Please contact Patrick Hinze – your partner for smart hydrogen solutions.

Our insurance solution:
  • Enables our clients to realize the possibilities of this new technology.
  • Is based on our solid track record in other RE technologies.

Whitepaper: Innovative Risk Transfer Solutions 

Guide Long Covid
Technological advancements in green hydrogen have been progressing steadily; however, innovative technological projects haven’t been able to realise their full potential as sufficient capital is needed for scaling up production and deployment of large-scale electrolysis.

Download our free whitepaper and learn more about the opportunities and how we can support you with tailor-made risk transfer solutions such as product and performance warranty guarantees.
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Sustainability and green technologies are becoming an increasingly pressing issue for all businesses around the world.

The utilization of first of its kind technologies and innovative processes require new insurance solutions.

With our Circular Economy Performance Insurance we insure the technology risk of clients in the Circular Economy sector, like bioenergy and waste-to-energy plants.

Our customized and flexible insurance solutions stabilize revenue streams, improve bankability and access to capital by guaranteeing repayment of debt obligations.

Our insurance solution:
  • Handles the technology risk in the Circular Economy sector.
  • Enables sustainable business development.

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