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Navigating safely with Munich Re Cyber Solutions
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Navigating safely with
Munich Re Cyber Solutions

Cyber insurance solutions for large corporates and industrial clients

Meet the future with confidence

Opportunity and risks are both expanding exponentially. As our ability to digitally share more, do more, and discover more grows, so does the exposure to cyber crime. When a cyber event occurs, companies must have the post-incident services in place to quickly take action.

Enter Munich Re. Not only do we have the complete cyber solutions to ensure your operations are returned to normal with maximum speed and minimal cost, but our holistic approach allows us to tailor plans to your organization’s specific needs.

With Munich Re behind you, you can have the freedom to take bold steps and seize every opportunity to grow your business.

According to the global Munich Re Cyber Survey 2021, the majority of business leaders is concerned about cyber risks, but too many are unaware of the holistic solutions available to secure them from risks and losses.

35% are considering taking out an insurance policy and will very likely do so.
Only 34% of C-level respondents have been in contact with their insurers.
One out of four C-level respondents was totally unaware of the opportunities that cyber solutions offer.
17% of C-level respondents still do not have an overview of the cyber insurance products on the market.

Companies present open doors to cyber criminals as they try to keep up with accelerated digitisation

Fishing for data
Data breach
Stuck in traffic
Burning dough
Business interruption

Bespoke cyber solutions for our clients

As the world’s leading primary-, excess- and reinsurer of cyber risks, Munich Re offers cyber covers for our industrial clients with significant limits. Our modular cyber solutions range from traditional covers for data security breaches and cost coverage for ransom payments in case of cyber extortion, to business interruption covers due to physical cyber damage or any operational disruption, including forensics costs. Because all these risks hold serious loss potential for companies with complex, and therefore vulnerable, IT environments.

Depending on our clients’ respective risk profiles, we integrate innovative concepts such as coverage for reputational damage, the protection for personal and material damage, and contract penalties or guarantee payments, if triggered by a cyber event. In short, Munich Re can assume all material risks - individually customised and tailor-made to your risk transfer needs.

In a nutshell – our tailored products and services:

  • Business interruption coverage, including forensic costs
  • Cyber crime and cyber extortion coverage
  • Reputational harm and media liability coverage
  • Digital asset damage and hardware replacement costs coverage
  • Technology, network security, and privacy liability coverage
  • Regulatory and PCI DSS liability coverage
  • We maintain a global network of preferred service providers for pre- and  post-incident responses
  • Breach incident management
Tailored products and services
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Our unique approach

Together with our clients, we develop customised solutions that fit their needs, create value, and develop their specific risk-transfer approach. Here are five reasons you should consider talking to us about our cyber solutions:
We strive to develop relationships based on trust and mutual exchange. We match our solutions to your risks, not the other way around.

Companies face constant challenges from an ever-increasing variety of interrelated digital risks. The pre-packaged solutions available today offer few options for customisation, and providers with limited financial capacity are unable to meet the needs of companies that are exposed to intangible computer-related risks, irrespective of their business sectors and activities.

Since the exposure depends on many different factors, each risk situation needs to be assessed in a highly individual manner.

Since we structure your personalised cover and policy together, with each component of the coverage representing a piece of the puzzle, we take your entire IT environment and security measures into account.

With our products, risk assessment is always performed by specialist IT consulting firms that meet the highest quality requirements. By embarking on these assessments in collaboration with Munich Re and our partners, you will receive an unbiased, outside analysis of your IT security governance and continuity rules.

We focus on critical cyber events and scenarios that can threaten your company's ability to conduct its business.

Together with external IT consultants, we can perform an in-depth risk analysis, allowing you to understand the full extent of your digital risks and the full range of options for mitigating them. Consequently, we can find the perfect balance between your technical risk mitigation costs and insurance premiums.

Munich Re offers not only products and solutions of highest quality, but also coverage with higher capacity (up to €50m). Our solutions are suitable for all industries, incl. Automotive, Aviation, Engineering, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Telekommunications, Transportation.
Client centricity
We understand our clients' pain points and offer value-enhancing solutions by staying embedded within markets and close to our customers.
Thought leadership
Our global team of experts collaborates with clients, brokers, and technology partners to shape a sustainable cyber insurance market.
We look beyond standard products, translating well-understood exposure into bespoke solutions for our clients.
As a market leader, we use our financial strength and deep industry expertise to deploy significant net capacity.

Cloud Protection +

Risk Management in the cloud means a whole new dimension of data privacy and security challenges, including protecting resources, meeting regulatory requirements, and training staff. Organisations are encountering ever greater threats from cyber risks: Cloud Protection + is the comprehensive cyber insurance for both first-party and third-party losses, designed for Google Cloud customers.

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