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    MRSI Insights

    The insurance industry is facing change at an accelerating rate. Technological advances, regulatory demands, increased competition, and growing customer demands are just some of today’s many challenges. MRSI Insights examines these evolving topics to help you turn these challenges into tomorrow's opportunities for your business.

    Resource library

    Find useful information about our MRSI offerings including product overviews, appetite guides, industry insights, and much more.
    Insights: 11/16/23
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Reducing Liability of Pressure Injuries in Acute and Senior Living Facilities
    Insights: 8/9/2023
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Telehealth or Teletrouble? Liability Challenges in Remote Healthcare
    Insights: 4/19/2023
    Healthcare Webinar Series: The Staggering Risk of Workplace Violence in Healthcare Facilities
    Insights: 1/19/23
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Economic and Social Inflation’s Impact on MedMal Claims in 2023
    Insights: 11/2/2022
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Long Term Care Litigation: Data-Driven Lawsuits
    Insights: 6/16/2022
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Risk Management Professional Burnout
    Insights: 5/11/2022
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Successful Strategies to Enhance Healthcare Providers’ Well-Being
    Insights: 2/8/2022
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Resolving Gaps with Management of Complex Compliance Issues
    Insights: 11/10/2021
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Could Scandal be Lurking?
    Insights: 9/22/2021
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Trial By Covid-19
    Insights: 7/13/2022
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Covid-19 Related Healthcare Claims/Defenses
    Insights: 5/11/2021
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Perception is Everything
    Insights: 11/24/2021
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Re-evaluating Benchmarks in the Covid-19 ERA
    Insights: 1/27/2021
    Healthcare Webinar Series: How Clean is Clean?
    Insights: 11/10/2020
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Safe Patient Handoffs and Transfers
    Insights: 9/17/2020
    Healthcare Webinar Series: Emergency Preparedness Concerns in Senior Living

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    About Munich Re Specialty Insurance

    Munich Re Specialty Insurance (MRSI) is a description for the insurance business operations of affiliated companies in the Munich Re Group that share a common directive to offer and deliver specialty property and casualty insurance products and services in North America.

    For more information on MRSI, including licensing, regulatory-required, and other information on the operating companies, please click here.