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Infographic: Standalone terrorism coverage
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Infographic: Standalone terrorism coverage

How standalone terrorism coverage can reduce an insured’s total cost of risk

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    The value of standalone terrorism coverage in a hard property market

    Commercial property insurance is experiencing a hard market driven by inflationary construction costs, supply chain disruptions, catastrophic events, reinsurance markets, and labor shortages, among other factors.

    The hard market directly impacts the cost of terrorism insurance offered through the federal government’s TRIA. Premiums for TRIA policies are linked to an insured’s total commercial property insurance cost. As commercial property insurance costs rise, so too does the cost of TRIA coverage.

    Standalone terrorism insurance is priced independently of the Property/CAT market and so, in many cases, can be less expensive than the coverage available through TRIA.

    Download our standalone terrorism coverage infographic to learn more about providing the best protection against terrorism perils and the best value to businesses.