Management Team

Stephen Worrall, Managing Director
Stephen Worrall
Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Burgess, Marketing Manager
Michelle Burgess
Director of Marketing and Customer Experience
Kelli Close-Smith, General Counsel & Company Secretary
Kelli Close-Smith
General Counsel & Company Secretary
Debbie Davies, Head of Customer Service
Debbie Davies
Director of Customer Operations
Terry Dyson, Director of Business Development and Distribution
Terry Dyson
Commercial Director
Paula Homan, Director of Engineering Services - Engineering Division
Paula Homan
Director of Engineering Services - Engineering Division
Matthew Johnson, Head of Human Resources
Matthew Johnson
Director of Human Resources
Laura Kettleday, Chief Risk Officer
Laura Kettleday
Chief Risk Officer
Stephen Morris, Underwriting Director
Stephen Morris
Underwriting Director
Anya O'Reilly, Finance Director
Anya O'Reilly
Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Non-Executive Directors of HSB Engineering Insurance