Management Team

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    Stephen Worrall, Chief Executive Officer - HSB
    Stephen Worrall
    Chief Executive Officer - HSB
    Adabel Asinugo, Chief Risk Officer - HSB
    Adabel Asinugo
    Chief Risk Officer - HSB
    Michelle Burgess, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience
    Michelle Burgess
    Director of Marketing & Customer Experience - HSB
    Debbie Davies, Director of Customer Service
    Debbie Davies
    Director of Customer Operations - HSB
    Terry Dyson, Commercial Director
    Terry Dyson
    Commercial Director - HSB
    Matthew Johnson, Director of Human Resources
    Matthew Johnson
    Director of Human Resources - HSB
    Laura Kettleday, Chief Risk Officer
    Laura Kettleday
    Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer - HSB
    Anya O'Reilly, Chief Financial & Operating Officer
    Anya O'Reilly
    Chief Operating Officer - HSB
    Derek Redmond
    Derek Redmond
    Director of Engineering Services - HSB
    Niraj Shah, Chief Underwriting Officer
    Niraj Shah
    Chief Underwriting Officer - HSB
    Christine Stephenson, HSB
    Christine Stephenson
    Chief Financial Officer - HSB
    David Swigciski, Managing Director - Premier Guarantee
    David Swigciski
    Managing Director - Premier Guarantee

    Non-Executive Directors of HSB Engineering Insurance