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Our comprehensive range of construction, engineering and technology insurance products cover a broad range of industry sectors across the UK and Ireland.

From the construction of buildings and the installation of machinery, through to contractors' plant and specialist machinery inherent defects insurance, we have a range of construction insurance products specifically designed to cover all aspects of a project.

Our products are also available to e-trade.

Comprehensive cover for commercial computer hardware, data losses, increased costs, and virus, hacking and denial of service.

Available to e-trade.

A computer, data and cyber insurance policy all in one; providing comprehensive cover for small and medium-sized businesses.
Specifically designed for investors in energy conservation measures, energy service companies and those financing energy saving projects.
HSB Machinery and Technology Insurance

An equipment breakdown, deterioration of stock, and business interruption policy all in one.

HSB Machinery and Technology Combined

An equipment breakdown insurance policy and engineering inspection service all in one; providing a comprehensive solution for UK and Ireland businesses operating machinery and equipment.

Available to e-trade.

HSB Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance

An innovative insurance solution covering the inherent defects of machinery in newly constructed and refurbished buildings.