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Homeowners Equipment Breakdown coverage

HSB HomeWorks™ combines the broadest homeowners equipment breakdown protection available - Home Systems Protection - with a suite of home management tools, known as MyHomeWorks.

Home Systems Protection covers the breakdown of home systems, appliances and electronics. The website offers home management tools to help increase home energy efficiency and save money. HSB HomeWorks is designed to enhance the Homeowners products offered by personal lines insurers that partner with HSB.

HSB Home Systems Protection

HSB Home Systems Protection (HSP), covers systems, appliances and electronics homeowners value and rely on for everything from heating and cooling, water and power, to communications, security and entertainment. It addresses the latest breakdown risks to homeowners today, provides broader coverage and gives your insured better incentives to upgrade to more energy or water efficient systems. There’s no other program available that protects your customers as well, with so much added value.

HSP can be configured to provide broad coverage for a wide range of interior and exterior home systems. We give you the flexibility to customize what’s covered to suit your strategy and provide broad, useful protection at an affordable price. We can also tailor the limit and deductible to what your customer profile requires.

Coverage can include:

  • Systems - Electrical generation and distribution, heating and cooling, air and water filtration, central vacuum, home security systems, swimming pool and sauna equipment and more.
  • Appliances - Refrigerators and freezers, cooktops, ovens, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers and more.
  • Electronics - Computers, medical devices, televisions, sound systems, tablets, phones, game consoles and more.
  • Service lines - Homeowner-owned, underground exterior service lines that fail or are accidentally broken, and the often significant excavation costs associated with repairing or replacing them.

In addition to covering physical damage, HSP also provides for:

  • The cost of perishable goods that spoil as a result of a home systems breakdown.
  • Loss of Use including Additional Living Expense and Fair Rental Value if the home is inhabitable during repair.
  • Extra costs to make temporary repairs and expedite permanent repairs or replacement.
  • Costs to clean up or dispose of pollutants that are the direct result of a home system breakdown.
  • Costs to use “green” materials and service providers that are recommended by a recognized environmental standards program.

Microelectronics coverage enhancement to Home Systems Protection

Advanced technology is an integral part of our lives - both at work and at home. Homeowners reliance on home systems and appliances – and the microelectronics, firmware and software that run them – makes the risk of breakdown and loss even more impactful.

With microelectronics, damage can be undetectable, and software and firmware failures aren’t even physical. Until now, property coverage required proof of physical damage, which could leave insureds without coverage for repair, replacement and data loss caused by technology failures.

There’s nothing else like HSB’s microelectronics coverage for emerging technologies in the home in the marketplace today. Coverage is included in the Home Systems Protection limit, and there are no special sub-limits or deductibles.

MyHomeWorks™ features free home management tools

Homeowners want to learn about how to manage the systems that run their home and how to make improvements, but many don't know where to go or who to trust for information and guidance.

Now you can offer policyholders valuable help with MyHomeWorks™, an easy-to-use, online suite of home management tools branded to your company. There’s no cost; it’s a complimentary service for your insureds. Your clients can benefit from this program even if they never have a loss. You can offer a coverage that virtually pays for itself and creates a positive connection between you and your customers.

Here's what MyHomeWorks™ can provide to your policyholders:

  • Insure My Property – Get explanations of common, covered home systems and equipment failures and examples of actual claims paid for repairs and replacements.
  • My Tech Support – Access to live, technical expertise 365 days a year. Our IT professionals troubleshoot and resolve issues with your personal computers and electronic devices via phone and remote access. 
  • My Efficiency Center – Packed with ideas and information, this is a go-to resource for selecting, using and maintaining household systems.
  • My Connected Life – Tips to protect home and mobile devices from cyber threats.
  • My Home Tour – A fun, interactive way to find energy and money saving opportunities in every room of your house.

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