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Home Cyber Protection

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    Cyber security coverage for today’s consumers

    Today’s homeowners live in a connected and highly vulnerable world. They are conducting the intricacies of work and daily life from laptops, smartphones, and a host of smart appliances and home security systems. 

    Unfortunately, criminals are hacking into these systems in record numbers, stealing identities and information and causing financial devastation. The average annual payout for a home cyber claim is $10,000.  

    HSB offers products and services to help homeowners avoid or minimize the risks, along with the know-how to help them respond and get back to normal when breaches and other cybercrimes occur.

    Watch the video to learn more about Home Cyber Protection coverage.

    HSB is a market leader in home cyber protection

    HSB has been a cyber leader for more than 15 years, analyzing data, identifying new trends, and continually innovating new products and services to protect against cyber risks. We have the expertise to help prepare, inform and protect homeowners.

    After offering similar coverages to businesses, we recognized that the home is also highly connected and subject to vulnerability. That’s why we adapted, designed, and priced our Home Cyber Protection specifically for homeowners, renters, and other personal lines consumers.  


    • Online fraud - Pays for financial losses resulting from identity theft, phishing schemes, illegal bank and credit card transfers, and other deceptions
    • Computer attack - Removes malware and reprograms computers and tablets, Wi-Fi routers, or other internet access points
    • Home systems attack - Restores devices connected to the internet, including smartphones, thermostats, smart appliances, and security and monitoring systems
    • Cyber extortion - Provides professional assistance to respond to a ransomware attack and payment of the ransom (when pre-approved)
    • Data breach - Pays for notification costs and recovery services when private non-business data entrusted to an individual is lost, stolen, or published. 
    • Identity recovery - Pays for the costs of recovering from an identity theft as well as full-service ID theft restoration services.
    • Home title fraud - Provides coverage for home title fraud costs resulting from an identity theft, including attorney and court filing fees for the recovery of the title
    • Cyber bullying - Pays for the costs of recovering from a cyber bullying attack, from psychiatric counseling services and legal expenses to temporary relocation expenses, social media monitoring software, and more
    • Social media income interruption - Includes coverage for social media income loss resulting from a cyber attack or the account takeover of a social media influencer


    • ID protection, dark web monitoring, and credit monitoring
    • App-based tool offering secure VPN and anti-malware capabilities
    • Access to cyber extortion experts to help evaluate the threat, including the advantages and disadvantages of paying a demand
    • Identity recovery helpline
    • Access to leading data breach service providers at preferred rates

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