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Equipment Breakdown insurance

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    HSB provides Equipment Breakdown coverage to over 200 property-casualty insurance companies across the U.S. and around the world. Using HSB’s Equipment Breakdown expertise, you can offer this vital coverage easily without having to commit resources needed for your core business. We offer far more value than just the reinsurance capacity and surplus relief of a contractual reinsurance treaty.

    Equipment Breakdown coverage embedded

    For business owners and middle market segments, we offer ReSource - an embedded Equipment Breakdown coverage underwritten on a portfolio basis. We work with our insurance company clients to insert Equipment Breakdown in all policies for eligible accounts by tailoring your property coverage forms. Underwriting the business on a portfolio basis enables us to dramatically improve pricing so that even your smallest insureds can afford the coverage. It's also a more efficient way of handling this coverage, so your processing costs are low.

    Instead of being a separate line that needs to be individually sold, underwritten and processed, ReSource is so affordable and efficient that it can simply be added to all your policies to round out coverage. ReSource is a value add that will be welcomed by your agents, brokers and insureds.

    Offer as an endorsement

    If you prefer, you can offer Equipment Breakdown as an optional endorsement. Coverage will be customized to fit your property forms and we will equip you with the means to underwrite and price many classes of business without referral. Certain classes of business, typically those that present greater equipment exposures, are referred to HSB for individual account underwriting.

    HSB's Client Integration process offers our reinsured client companies a complete range of support, including:

    • Underwriting
    • Product development - form, rate, filing support
    • Technical training to aid understanding of large/unique exposures
    • Referral/exception underwriting for unusual exposure/risks
    • Marketing communications support/agent sales training
    • Inspection services
    • Claim services

    Marketing materials

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