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HSB Cyber Suite

HSB Cyber Suite

Cyber risk insurance for small to mid-sized enterprises

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    HSB Cyber Suite is a comprehensive cyber insurance program designed to provide protection from a wide range of cyber risks for small to mid-sized enterprises. HSB has extensive experience and expertise in cyber risk and HSB Cyber Suite coverages are designed to keep pace with the evolving cyber risk landscape.

    HSB Cyber Suite offers a bundle of coverages that provide multiple layers of protection against complex cyber risks.

    HSB Cyber Suite includes the following coverages:

    • Data compromise response
    • Privacy incident liability
    • Identity recovery
    • Computer attack including business interruption
    • Misdirected payment fraud
    • Computer fraud
    • Telecommunications fraud
    • Cyber extortion
    • Network security liability
    • Electronic media liability

    How HSB Cyber Suite responds

    • Data compromise response – Pays insureds for forensic IT, breach notification, credit monitoring and case management services, legal counsel, PR services, reputational harm, reward payments, regulatory fines and penalties, and PCI assessments, fines and penalties.
    • Privacy incident liability – Third party coverage for suits brought by affected individuals or for judgments brought by states or regulatory agencies.
    • Identity recovery - Identity theft services for business owners; case management and expense reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs, legal expenses, lost wages, and child or elder care.
    • Computer attack – Pays for data restoration, data recreation and system restoration costs due to a computer attack that damages data and/or software; includes business interruption, PR services, reward payments, and future loss avoidance coverage for improvements to a computer system after a computer attack.
    • Misdirected payment fraud – Pays for direct financial loss resulting from criminal deception using email, facsimile or telephone communications to induce an insured, or a financial institution with which an insured has an account, to send or divert money, securities, or tangible property.
    • Computer fraud - Pays for direct financial loss resulting from an unauthorized system access to transfer money from the insured's premises or bank to another person or place.
    • Telecommunications fraud - Covers payments owed to a telephone service provider resulting from a fraudulent charge caused by an unauthorized access to the insured’s telecommunications system.
    • Cyber extortion coverage – Covers expenses of a negotiator or investigator, and payments for eliminating ransomware or extortion threat.
    • Network security liability – Covers insureds’ settlement and defense costs for suits alleging an insured’s computer security negligence.
    • Electronic media liability coverage – Covers an insured’s settlement and defense costs for suits alleging copyright or trademark infringement, defamation of a person or organization, or violation of a person’s right to privacy.

    Cyber Claim Specialists

    HSB has a dedicated team of cyber claims specialists available 24/7 to assist insureds any time of the day or night. Our cyber claims adjusters are specialists with the ability to help clients restore their systems or data and mitigate the impact on business operations. HSB also has a network of vetted and time-tested cyber service providers who we can quickly assemble to respond to cyber claims.

    Flexible Limit Options

    HSB Cyber Suite is subject to an aggregate limit. Options range from $50,000 up to $1,000,000. Sublimits for certain coverages may apply.

    Broad Eligibility

    Most business classes are eligible for HSB Cyber Suite and a separate application is not required. Some limit options require the completion of a questionnaire to determine limit eligibility.

    Marketing Support and Co-Branded Website Services

    As your reinsurance partner, HSB will provide you with comprehensive marketing materials for client companies, agents/brokers and end insureds that can be co-branded and customized. A dedicated marketing manager will be assigned to work with you to achieve your marketing goals and maximize market adoption. Additionally, HSB will provide your insureds with direct access to our risk management vendors below.

    Cyber Safety™, powered by Zeguro

    Cyber Safety offers a holistic risk management solution specifically designed with small and midsized enterprises in mind. This risk management service delivers a comprehensive suite of tools and processes designed to help insureds prevent cyber attacks before they occur. Key features of Cyber Safety are:

    • Website Monitoring - Scan for vulnerabilities in your web applications. Get a report that clearly details any issues that are identified, with recommendations for fixing the vulnerabilities. Share the findings with your IT personnel so they can take action to eliminate security gaps.
    • Security Training - Improve employee cybersecurity awareness with Cyber Safety’s training module. This application conducts a cybersecurity skills assessment for all of your enrolled employees and provides customized training based on each employee's strengths and weaknesses.
    • Security Policies - Create your company’s cyber security policies by utilizing Cyber Safety’s compliance templates. These policies can be customized if desired and address important areas such as a Data Breach Response Plan and Information Security Standards. Upload your existing policies to conveniently manage all of your security policies in one dashboard.

    eRisk Hub® website

    As part of our cyber coverage programs, HSB offers client companies their own customized eRisk Hub® website, which gives insureds direct access to a range of risk management tools to help businesses prepare and recover from cyber attacks and when private, personal information of their customers, employees or others is lost or stolen.

    eRisk Hub® is easy to use and includes the latest news, notification requirements, self-assessments, training modules, and step-by-step suggestions to understand cyber exposures, establish response plans, and minimize the effects of a data breach or cyber attack.

    Key features of the eRisk Hub® include:

    Online training modules - Ready-to-use training for business owners on privacy best practices and Red Flag Rules.

    Risk management tools - Assists businesses in managing their data breach exposures including self-assessments and state breach notification laws.

    Resources - A directory to quickly find external resources on pre- and post-breach disciplines.

    News center - Cyber risk stories, security and compliance blogs, security news, risk management events and helpful industry links.

    Learning center - Best practices and white papers written by leading authorities.

    Further HSB Cyber Suite information

    Marketing materials


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