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HSB Professional Loss Control

HSB Professional Loss Control

Preventing loss takes knowledge and experience. It’s not just complying with regulations – it takes the ability to spot risk and the expertise to find the right answers. At HSB Professional Loss Control, we bring a true engineering perspective to property loss challenges.

Who we are

HSB Professional Loss Control (HSB PLC) is an international risk management consulting firm specializing in unbundled property loss control related services. HSB PLC provides independent, client-focused consulting services for hazard and risk identification, risk-analysis, protection system evaluations, and risk mitigation strategies. Our large and highly experienced team of experts provides solutions to clients worldwide for complex physical damage and business continuity issues.

HSB PLC offers a broad spectrum of services, including:

  • Property loss control surveys  
  • Inspection testing
  • Hazard and risk evaluations
  • PML/MFL loss expectancy studies
  • Protection systems analysis and specification
  • Engineering consulting and training services
  • Loss control program development

Depth and breadth of experience is what sets us apart. Our consultants have vast knowledge in the highly specialized fields of loss control and fire protection. They are committee leaders in the NFPA and are actively involved in the development of national fire safety standards, having contributed to dozens of the current standards. Our loss control experts are as adept at providing solutions as they are at pinpointing problems. They don't simply go through a checklist. HSB Professional Loss Control offers a working relationship that gives us in-depth insight into the unique character of your operation. The result is a customer-focused solution that makes the most sense for your business.

Expertise from the people who know

Today's global businesses demand global solutions. With a history of over 150 years of engineering services leadership, HSB Professional Loss Control is part of the Munich Re Risk Solutions family. That gives us access to deep global support and technical insight from a world leader in risk management.

HSB PLC has experienced loss control consultants strategically located to provide services throughout The Americas (North, Central and South America), Europe and Asia. We have designed our organization to address your specific needs - to be on location where and when you need us. HSB PLC can offer you the same standards of quality and customization the world over. Our multilingual consultants offer knowledge of local languages, customs, business practices, and fire safety standards.

HSB PLC offers global benefits and solutions to global clients:

  • Experienced and well qualified consultants available worldwide
  • Custom programs and services tailored to client requirements
  • Global services are controlled by experienced project managers
  • Quality management program to ensure consistency worldwide
  • Extensive industrial experience
  • Cost-effective, risk-effective services
  • Loss prevention surveys

Let us evaluate your needs

Reducing the risk of loss from fire and other perils requires more than complying with codes. It requires a complete program of loss control analysis and recommendations that will make the most sense for your business and your bottom line. To find out how HSB Professional Loss Control can develop a solution to keep the future of your business safe and sound, call one of our customer services representatives at (800) 254-3155 or contact us via email.

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