HSB is the foremost consulting resource for industrial property loss control and fire protection engineering services. Our business focus is on reducing the likelihood and severity of property losses in industries around the world. For more than three decades, HSB PLC has been a leader in effectively applying engineering principles to reduce loss potentials. We are staffed by widely recognized experts in the development of NFPA standards for industrial loss control in a wide variety of industrial processes and occupancies.

Some of the major industries we serve include

Power Generation

Includes fossil, hydro, "green", and nuclear power generation. HSB PLC offers our unique course, Fire Protection for Power Plants, for those in the power industry who need specialized training.


Includes central offices, switches, call centers, and similar facilities with highly concentrated values and high business interruption exposures for telecommunication operations.

Heavy Industry

A broad category including diverse large equipment manufacturing, steel mills, aluminum mills, foundries, forges, automotive and aviation, mining, and similar operations with special loss exposures.


Includes specialty chemical, petrochemical, LNG, petroleum refining and similar operations with high hazard exposures.

Pulp & Paper

Includes integrated pulp & paper mills, paper converters, packaging, printing operations, and similar operations.


Includes textile mills, carpet mills, clothing manufacturers, warehousing, and distribution.


Includes rack storage and bulk storage in warehouse and distribution centers.


Includes food processing, refrigeration and storage, bakeries, breweries, bottling, canning, and similar operations.

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