We’re working hard to advance fire safety and loss prevention by taking an active role in national standards organizations. That’s in everyone’s best interests.

Depth and breadth of experience is what sets HSB Professional Loss Control  (HSB PLC) apart. Our consultants’ vast knowledge in the highly specialized fields of loss control and fire protection does more than meet our clients’ needs.

We also apply our insight for the benefit of all; many of our professionals have been leaders in major NFPA committees. They have been actively involved in the development of national fire safety standards, having contributed to dozens of the current standards. It's this level of expertise that gives HSB PLC a true engineering perspective on the property loss challenges you face.

Through its leadership and participation in standards development, HSB Professional Loss Control gains unique insights to more effectively apply the underlying principles of the standards to your benefit.

National Fire Protection Association
Committee Standards
Sprinkler Installation Criteria NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems
Water Spray Fixed Systems NFPA 15 Water Spray Fixed Systems
Fire Pumps NFPA 20 Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection
Private Water Supply Piping Systems NFPA 24 Installation of Private Fire Service Mains
Flammable & Combustible Liquids - Fundamentals NFPA 30 Flammable & Combustible Liquids Code
Flammable & Combustible Liquids - Operations NFPA 30 Flammable & Combustible Liquids Code
Liquefied Natural Gas (Chairman) NFPA 59A Liquefied Natural Gas
Fire Doors & Windows NFPA 80 Fire Doors & Windows
NFPA 105 Smoke Control Door Assemblies
Safety to Life NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
NFPA 101A Alternate Approaches to Life Safety
NFPA 101B Means of Egress Code
Industrial, Storage, & Miscellaneous Occupancies (Chairman) NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
NFPA 5000 Building Construction & Safety Code
Fire Protection Features NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
NFPA 5000 Building Construction & Safety Code
Mercantile & Business Occupancies NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
NFPA 5000 Building Construction & Safety Code
Electric Generating Plants (Secretary) NFPA 850 Electric Generating Plants
NFPA 851 Hydroelectric Generating Plants
NFPA 853 Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants
Nuclear Facilities (Chairman) NFPA 801 Facilities Handling Radioactive Materials
NFPA 804 Advanced Light Water Reactor Electric Generating Plants
NFPA 805 Performance-Based Standard for Light Water Reactor Electric Generating Plants
Pre-Incident Planning NFPA 1620 Pre-Incident Planning

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