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Hard hats - Engineering Risk Management Services

Engineering risk management with technical ingenuity

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    At HSB we use our technical knowledge to devise leading edge solutions to the complex risks our clients face. Our deep technical knowledge enables us to generate new product and risk solutions that respond to clients’ need for greater equipment reliability, lifespan and energy efficiency. HSB offers a range of unique and specialized risk management services to support our clients.

    Electrical Risk Management

    While electrical failures cannot be totally eliminated, they can be significantly reduced by applying an electrical risk management strategy that leverages engineering knowledge, data and analytics to help your customers keep electrical equipment and systems operating efficiently and safely. HSB’s Electrical Risk Management Program brings technology driven solutions to pinpoint hot spots, so equipment owners can get equipment repaired – before it fails or causes a fire.

    Watch the video to learn more.

    HSB OnSight®

    HSB OnSight® risk observation service provides information to our client insurers about property-casualty risk conditions that HSB inspectors observe while conducting boiler or pressure vessel inspections. If a risk condition is noted, HSB provides a report and a digital photo of the issue. HSB OnSight® helps our clients to better understand the risk conditions of individual accounts to support underwriting and facilitate loss prevention. 

    Transformer Oil Gas Analysis (TOGA®) and Lubricating Oil Analysis

    HSB's TOGA® service analyzes transformer insulating oil to provides a predictive indication of a unit’s likelihood to fail. TOGA is also used for analysis of lubricating and hydraulic oil from mechanical equipment to indicate if the unit may be in distress. HSB's Lubricating Oil Analysis assesses the properties of oil to determine the status of equipment. An interactive website provides secure access to test results for each customer. HSB Specialists provide interpretive reports and consultation for each test conducted. Learn more about HSB's TOGA® Program at www.HSBTOGA.com.

    Infrared Thermographic Surveys of Equipment

    HSB Infrared surveys are used to find abnormal or unexpected temperatures indicative of problems with equipment using thermographic color technology. This technology will predict when equipment is operating outside of normal parameters. HSB's color reports highlight areas on equipment where anomalies are found and the estimated costs to repair. A qualified HSB thermographer reviews each report and provides interpretive and consultative advice to customers. Learn more about HSB's Thermography Services.

    Equipment Maintenance and Operation Training

    HSB offers maintenance and operations training on boilers, electrical and air conditioning equipment for equipment operators and facility maintenance personnel. Training content is developed in a collaboration with customers based on their needs and specifications.

    Boiler & Machinery Loss Prevention Risk Assessments

    HSB has trained inspectors capable of evaluating clients' boiler and machinery risks at key locations. Key databases are used to ensure appropriate review of the risks; inspections and reports are provided to client specifications.

    Technical Services

    HSB has the technical knowledge, service reach and ingenuity to help clients prevent losses, extend equipment lifespan and get the maximum return from their equipment and processes. Our technical staff includes engineers and specialists in many types of electrical and mechanical equipment and in equipment-intensive industries. In addition to jurisdictional boiler inspections, we provide electrical, infrared thermography and property inspections. The quality of our data and analysis is unmatched, helping our customers avoid breakdowns and extend the lifespan and operating efficiency of their equipment.

    As a proud part of Munich Re we can provide world class risk solutions. Our technical services include:

    • Risk assessments
    • Account engineering management
    • Loss investigation
    • Property inspections
    • Equipment and industry specialists
    • Transformer oil testing
    • Infrared thermography surveys

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