Certification is an invaluable marketing tool. Certified organizations often want to display the fact that they are certified by using the HSB RS certificate and/or mark and the Accreditation Body name and/or accreditation symbol. As a result, there are specific rules governing the use of each mark, certificate or symbol as set forth by the certification and accreditation bodies.

HSB RS has established these terms to allow Client to use the HSB RS registration marks set forth on Exhibit A of the Certification Agreement (the “Marks”) in its written and electronic stationary, literature, advertisements and promotional materials:

  1. Upon receipt of a Certificate from HSB RS, Client may use those Marks that are associated with the scope detailed on the Certificate and may continue using those Marks in accordance with these terms of use for so long as (i) Client continues to operate in conformance with its certified management system and (ii) this Agreement remains in effect.
  2. Client must maintain controlled instructions for the use of the Marks, which instructions must comply with these terms of use. Client must also identify an individual who is responsible for ensuring compliance with these terms of use for the application, reproduction and display of the Marks.
  3. Upon withdrawal of Client’s Certificate, Client must immediately discontinue its use of the Marks and any written or electronic materials that contain any reference to Client’s Certificate or the Marks.
  4. Following issuance of a Certificate, HSB RS will deliver to Client electronic versions of the Marks (eps format for website use and jpeg format for print use). All Marks must be used in a size which allows all features of the Marks to be clearly distinguishable and must be used without distortion. The guidelines for color are as follows:

    HSB RS Marks - Munich Re Logo Pantone 647 and HSB logo 100% black Background color behind dual brand should be white Blank space surrounding the logs that is equal to the height / width of the Munich Re diamond symbol

    Accreditation Body (AB) Marks - Black on a white or light-colored Background or in blue (PMS 286 or equivalent) and red (PMS 485 or equivalent)

  5. The Marks are and will remain the exclusive property of HSB RS (or, in the case of the AB Marks identified on Exhibit A, the exclusive property of AB).
  6. Client’s use of the Marks following initial registration is subject to review based on the successful results of subsequent annual surveillance audits and/or recertification audits.
  7. Client may only use the AB Mark in conjunction with the HSB RS Mark and in doing so, must not display the AB Mark in (i) a larger or more conspicuous fashion than the HSB RS Mark or (ii) isolation from the HSB RS Mark.
  8. Client must not:
    a. change any Marks;
    b. omit portions of any Marks or otherwise use a partial version of any Marks;
    c. display the Marks or the Certificate on any product or product packaging;
    d. use the Marks in a manner that suggests that HSB RS and/or AB have certified, approved or endorsed any product, process or service; or
    e. use the Marks on reports or certificates from calibration and testing laboratories or inspection bodies, to the extent such reports or certificates are considered Client’s products.
  9. If Client desires to make reference to its Certificate for promotional purposes, HSB RS recommends the following language:
    – “This [product] was manufactured in a plant whose [quality] management system is certified as being in conformity with [specific standard].”
    – “This [service] was provided by an organization whose [quality] management system is certified as being in conformity with [specific standard].”

These terms of use are subject to review and revision by HSB RS, and Client’s continued use of the Marks after any such revision will be subject to the revised terms of use.

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