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Glossary, Terms & Definitions

For the purposes of the HSB Registration Services quality manual, Annex 3, the terms and definitions can be provided upon request by sending an email to


AB Accreditation Body
ADW Audit Duration Worksheet
ASME The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASQ American Society of Quality
CAB Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB´s)
CAR Corrective Action Report
CB Certification Body
CCR Certification Commitee Review
CL Critical Location
EAC European Accreditation of Certification Industry Classification
HQ Headquarters
HSB The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company
HSB RS HSB Registration Services
IAF International Accreditation Forum
IMS Integrated Management System
IRCA International Register of Certified Auditors
IAS IAS International Accreditation Service
ISO International Organization for Standardization
MLA Multilateral Recognition Arrangement
NCR Nonconformity Report
PRSIR Pre-recertification/Surveillance inquiry report

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