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HSB Total Cyber™

Comprehensive cyber risk insurance for mid-sized companies

Cyber-attacks can occur to every size business, including many types of mid-sized firms, not just large companies. The high cost of cyber-attacks makes going without cyber insurance a real risk. HSB Total Cyber™ was specially designed to provide comprehensive coverage for U.S. based companies with annual revenues from $10 million to $500 million.

HSB Total Cyber™ provides comprehensive coverage for these pervasive cyber threats:

Coverages for data breach and identity theft

  • Data Breach Response Expenses covers notifications, monitoring and other services.
  • Data Breach Liability covers litigation and settlement costs resulting from victims affected by a breach who bring a claim or lawsuit against the insured.
  • Also covered are costs associated with Regulatory and Payment Card Industry (PCI) fines and penalties, PCI assessments, Reputational Harm and Crisis Management.
  • Identity Recovery pays for expenses and expert help for a victim to restore credit standings and identity records.

Coverages for cyber-attacks or threats of attack

  • Computer Attack covers data restoration or re-creation, system restoration, loss of business, and even includes payment for public relations help to manage the insured’s reputation.
  • Future Loss Avoidance pays for improvements to the insured’s computer system following a computer attack to mitigate future losses, up to 10% of the Computer Attack payment, subject to HSB approval.
  • Cyber Extortion pays the amount demanded of an insured under threat of a computer system attack - including the cost of an investigator.

Coverage for system failure

  • System Failure pays for business income loss resulting from unintentional computer system outages — not from a computer attack — lasting more than 10 hours.

Protection for criminal deception

  • Misdirected Payment Fraud coverage pays for direct financial loss resulting from criminal deception using email, facsimile or telephone communications to induce an insured, or a financial institution with which an insured has an account, to send money or divert a payment.
  • Computer Fraud covers the direct financial loss resulting from the fraudulent entry or change to data or instructions within the insured’s computer system.
  • Telecommunications Fraud provides coverage for necessary payments to the insured’s telephone service provider resulting from a computer attack on the insured’s phone system.

Defense and settlement costs for cyber liability

  • Network Security Liability provides for claims that “negligent failure of computer security” caused third-party damage.
  • Electronic Media Liability covers claims that information displayed electronically on a website infringes on or violates their rights or defames them. Full Media Liability coverage extends coverage to include claims arising from non-electronic media.
  • Privacy Incident Liability - for claims of violations of the insured’s published privacy policy, or privacy laws regarding the collection, handling and management of personally identifying information.

Risk Management services

As part of our cyber coverage programs, HSB offers loss prevention services that include pre-event legal and cybersecurity risk consulting as well as tools that can help prevent cyber attacks before they occur, including:

  • Training to improve employee awareness
  • Monitoring to scan for vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Compliance resources

Claims Service

HSB Total Cyber™ claims service is enhanced by our partnerships with industry-recognized legal, forensic and cybersecurity organizations offering 24/7 response to a cyber event in order to mitigate loss, maximize use of coverage limits, and speed recovery.

For more information or a quote contact your HSB Custom Accounts Division representative.

Send quote requests to HSBTotalCyber@hsb.com

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