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A growing market for personal cyber insurance

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    The cost of cybercrime is burgeoning, creating an enormous need for cyber insurance

    From 2018 to 2022, the number of annual cyberattacks more than doubled with a total of 3.26 million1 for the five years. The loss costs skyrocketed as well from $2.3 billion1 in 2018 to $10.3 billion1 in 2022 for a total loss cost of $27.6 billion1 for the five years.

    Why individuals and families need cyber insurance

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    Cyberattacks directed at individuals and families are high
    spend 6-10
    hours recovering
    It takes time to undo the damage done by cybercriminals
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    Cybercrime can be financially devastating
    Zogby Analytics Survey, 2020

    MyCyberProtection™ is comprehensive protection

    MyCyberProtection™ has been designed to provide individuals and families with the critical coverage they need to protect against today’s continually evolving cyber threats.

    It incorporates the 20 years of experience HSB has as a market leader in cyber and in managing commercial cyber risks.

    MyCyberProtection™ provides:

    • Comprehensive, customizable coverage and services
    • Experts in designing tailored solutions; 130+ cyber partnerships
    • Cyber adjusters and cyber breach specialists
    • Cyber risk management expertise
    • Access to cyber data
    • A seamless digital buying experience

    Responsive coverages

    MyCyberProtection™ provides innovative protection, including coverages for:

    Identity Theft: Combines identity theft expense reimbursement coverage with full-service ID theft restoration services. 

    Online Fraud: Pays for a wide variety of losses resulting from phishing schemes, illegal bank and credit card transfers, cryptocurrency theft, forgery, counterfeit currency, and other deceptions.

    Cyberattack: Removes malware and restores software on computers, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, or other internet access points.

    Data Breach: Includes costs associated with forensic IT and legal reviews as well as notification and recovery services when private non-business data entrusted to an individual is lost, stolen, or published.

    Cyber Extortion: Provides professional assistance on how to respond to a ransomware attack and payment of approved ransom payments.

    Home Title Fraud: Provides coverage for home title fraud costs resulting from an identity theft, including attorney and court filing fees for the recovery of the title.

    Cyberbullying: Pays for the costs of recovering from a cyberbullying attack, including costs for psychiatric counseling services, legal expenses, temporary relocation expenses, social media monitoring software, and more.

    Get more benefits with WhiteHaX® app

    As a built-in benefit, personal cyber policyholders will receive access to WhiteHaX®, an easy-to-use mobile app for securing home networks and mobile devices. It includes a password manager, VPN, and web filter. Take a look.

    What makes MyCyberProtection™ different for your clients?

    HSB MyCyberProtection™ provides an easy, flexible, and affordable way for individuals and families to get the coverage they need to defend against today’s cyber risks.
    1 FBI 2022 IC3 2 Zogby Analytics Survey, 2020

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