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Complaints Process

  • A complaint, from anyone, shall be submitted in writing to the HSB RS Managing Director

  • In the event of a conflict of interest, the complaint shall be assigned to a delegate not involved in the subject of the complaint

  • All necessary information shall be gathered and verified to validate the complaint

  • Any valid complaint against a certified client shall be referred to the certified client during the investigation process

  • The necessary people shall be engaged to investigate the complaint

  • Upon completion of the investigation, it will be determined what action needs to be taken in response to the complaint

  • Any corrective action deemed necessary shall be handled per the HSB RS Nonconformance & Corrective Actions procedure

The complainant shall be informed, in writing, of:

  • Receipt of the complaint
  • Progress of the complaint
  • Decision on the complaint, and whenever possible, of the end of the complaint-handling process

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