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Cancellation Process

  • Each Certificate of Registration proposed for cancellation shall be reviewed by the Certification Manager

  • HSB RS reserves the right to cancel at any time the Certificate of Registration of an organization should just cause necessitate cancellation

  • Cancellation would be the result of the client’s non-compliance with the HSB RS quality system manual and Certification Agreement Standard Terms and Conditions agreed to by the Client

Examples of client non-compliance would include, but not be limited to: 

  • Misuse of the Certificate of Registration
  • Surveillance audits show that the necessary prerequisites for maintaining the certification are no longer fulfilled
  • The analysis of a complaint or any other information indicates that the certified client no longer complies with the requirements of certification
  • Insufficient response to corrective actions required during the agreed upon timeframe
  • Corrective actions have not been implemented
  • Major violations of the Certification Agreement, such as outstanding/delinquent invoices, failure to allow a scheduled surveillance activity
  • Client refuses to cooperate (no communication, etc.) with scheduling thus placing the HSB RS accreditation at risk
  • HSB RS is unable to perform an audit in a specific geographical region due to constraints placed upon them by governmental or accreditation agencies 

Should HSB RS decide to cease an accreditation or discontinue doing business in a geographical area 

  • The client is informed relative to the cancellation of certification with an explanation of details for such action 
  • Once a certificate is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated 
  • Upon cancellation the client shall discontinue its use of all advertising matter that contains a reference to certification

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