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Anthony J. Kuczinski


Greg M. Barats

President and Chief Executive Officer

Peter Richter

Chief Financial Officer

Susan W. Ahrens

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Wade Bolin

Senior Vice President, Claims

William M. Heckles

Senior Vice President and Chief Reinsurance Officer

Theodore D. Kmiecik

Senior Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis and Strategic Investments

David P. Mercier, ARM

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Custom Accounts Division

John R. Mulvihill

President and CEO

The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada

Roberta A. O'Brien

Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel

Nancy Onken

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Jeff O'Shaughnessy

Senior Vice President and Global Chief Underwriting Officer

Kenneth A. Pisciotto

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Anthony J. Trivella

Executive Vice President, Treaty Division

Jack Volinski

Senior Vice President

Stephanie A. Watkins

Senior Vice President, International Affairs

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