Reinsurance Life/Health

Service proposition and collaboration models

Medical Research

Have you ever wondered how medical advances are translated into insurance products? At Munich Re, that’s something we ask ourselves every day. Which is why we employ more insurance medical officers worldwide than any other company. Our experts are constantly evaluating the latest data, studies and international market developments. Insurers and insureds all over the world benefit from our findings.

Underwriting & Claims

We share new knowledge with our clients – health and life insurers – in order to support them against the competition and extend insurability. Here, for example, we are leaders with regard to mental illness, cancer or rare diseases. For these and many other health and life risks, we develop innovative products that allow our primary insurance partners to position themselves successfully in the market.

Capital Management

A prerequisite for this is state-of-the-art risk and claims assessment – evidence-based and of the highest quality. Which is precisely what Munich Re stands for. This is the constant in our range of services and solutions. Everything else is changing, starting with the foundations of the sector – capital management. For the business of risk presents insurers with liquidity requirements that are very difficult to fulfil using traditional financial instruments. The alternative? Specially structured reinsurance solutions from Munich Re.


Digitization is also creating huge potential for change. It is changing lifestyles and entire work environments, and therefore also insurance needs and the products to meet them. What’s needed are new digital forms of interaction between clients and insurers, quick decisions, greater transparency and highly efficient processes to save time and money. Munich Re has developed products and services that do just that. And we’ve bundled these in the MIRA Digital Suite and Allfinanz Product Suite. MIRA and Allfinanz deal with all aspects of risk assessment. It offers a comprehensive pool of rating recommendations and evidence-based risk profiles. It also provides interactive access to Munich Re’s underwriting expertise.

Data Analytics

Product Innovations

Every further digital product and every further service generates additional data. In order to draw valuable new insights from these, we work with the latest data analytics tools. We use these for our primary insurance clients like a seismograph that registers the smallest changes and and makes trends visible at an early stage. In this way, we increase our clients’ room for manoeuvre and jointly shape the future with them. 

Solutions for financial market risks

Our solutions for the North American market