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Brings our know-how to your point of sale

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    MIRA PoS digitizes the processes at the point of sale

    MIRA PoS is a “software as a service” product developed by Munich Re which digitizes your processes at the point of sale – from the capture of case and application data via risk assessment to reporting. What’s so special about this MIRA Digital Suite module? It works invisibly in the background for applicants, gives you plenty of room for differentiation from competitors and, depending on the scope of use, delivers risk-related or even case-closing acceptance decisions that are based on the very latest knowledge.

    Your point of sale with and without MIRA PoS

    MIRA PoS

    Benefits of MIRA PoS

    MIRA PoS connects
    For consistency and continuity from point of sale to policy

    Brand-compliant image: MIRA PoS is integrated into your application environment. The “software as a service” connects your front end with Munich Re’s set of underwriting rules and remains invisible to applicants.  

    Flexible and customisable: You can individually specify the scope of the risk-related queries and automated assessment with MIRA PoS. You can also be flexible with the opening questions, in terms of structure, scope and strategy.

    Rule-based and dynamic: MIRA PoS speeds up and simplifies risk-related queries. This is due, in particular, to dynamically generated and easily understandable reflexive questions and response options.

    Up to date and data protection-compliant: The set of rules and rules engine are centrally maintained and continuously updated by Munich Re. What’s more, as “software as a service”, MIRA PoS meets the highest data protection requirements.

    New potentials for data analytics: MIRA PoS is another component in your digitally networked business architecture. The module enriches your central database with further information and opens up additional potentials for data analytics.

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