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MIRApply Insured
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MIRApply Insured

Improve client interaction with digitized queries

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    Greater excellence and client orientation in risk assessments

    Once the details provided by a potential client when applying for insurance have been checked, further information may be required, for example relating to pre-existing conditions or pastime risks. The underwriter must obtain this information by going back to the applicant and asking them to provide further details. Until now, this has involved completing standard questionnaires that extend over several pages. The client is required to laboriously fill in the questionnaires by hand and return them by post. The evaluation of these questionnaires by the underwriter is also a time-consuming process.

    MIRApply Insured transforms this process, making it faster, more accurate and more client-friendly. The web-based tool virtually eliminates the need for time and paper-intensive requests for further information and makes the whole process markedly more efficient. 

    The query process with and without MIRApply Insured

    Fast, secure, up to date: MIRApply Insured

    Fast, secure, up to date: MIRApply Insured
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    MIRApply Insured streamlines your digital application process, enabling you to position yourself as an innovative and client-friendly provider.

    Shorter response times:  Considerably less effort required on the part of applicants, who only need to answer risk-relevant questions and can do so with just a click or tap on their PC or smartphone.

    MIRA-based decisions:  The underwriter receives a reliable risk assessment based on the MIRA market standard, which is continuously updated.  

    Access to data analytics:  The completely digitalised data forms the basis for improved portfolio and risk analyses.

    Stringent privacy standards:  MIRApply Insured is based on an access-protected website that meets stringent data protection and security standards.

    Straightforward implementation:  The application can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems.

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