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Supporting our clients with sound risk assessment techniques that build a sustainable business

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    Tackling risk assessment from multiple perspectives

    From specialized risks to simplified issue questionnaires, we are proud to offer risk selection expertise in both English and French for individual and group insurance products. Our core underwriting team are specialists in life, critical illness, and disability insurance for all case sizes in the Canadian market and beyond. Our Risk Management Unit specializes in rules engine implementations, business reviews, and various specialized underwriting initiatives. Our medical consultants are recognized industry leaders in medical and risk selection issues. Our Underwriting Client Solutions team researches and vets emerging technologies that will better support insurers and the Canadians in their care. 
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    Training for the underwriting challenges of today and tomorrow

    As the field of medicine evolves, so too must insurance. Being equipped with knowledge of the latest tests and trends for thorough risk management is at the heart of what we do. Munich Re offers seminars and training sessions that cover complex, specialized risks and the latest common case questions from underwriters of any level.

    New tools for prevention, detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of health conditions have the potential to change mortality and morbidity outcomes. Our team of underwriting experts apply their knowledge to these transformative technologies, collaborating with our data scientists and data engineers to build more efficient and comprehensive risk management tools for the underwriters of the future. 

    Building robust accelerated underwriting systems backed by international expertise

    Digital underwriting evidence is the future of risk management and innovations in technology such as machine learning make it more achievable than ever before. Our team of international accelerated underwriting experts are vetting and leveraging these technologies to build automated tools that:

    • enable straight-through processing to free up more of your underwriting staff’s time for complex cases
    • digitally audit your risk management practices so you can improve your product development and customer engagement
    • create opportunities for enhanced analytics so that your risk assessment is continuously improving
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    Strengthen your risk assessment practice with these tools

    Munich Re’s EDGE underwriting manual takes an evidence-based approach to determining risk. EDGE offers 12 calculators that produce transparent, referenced results, keeping you in control of the final result, as well as a wealth of reference material to support life, critical illness, and disability risk assessment. Accessible anytime and anywhere via computer, tablet, or smartphone, EDGE is designed for use by underwriters at all levels of experience.

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    ALLFINANZ is an automated new business solution delivering complete end-to-end capabilities across automated underwriting and advanced analytics. Automate both routine and complex decisions to accelerate your underwriting practice while gaining real-time and in-depth insight into your operations to identify bottlenecks and test new approaches. 

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    Primary contacts
    Selena Puttick
    Selena Puttick
    Vice President and Chief Underwriter
    Tim Meagher
    Dr. Tim Meagher MD, FRCPC, FACP
    Vice President & Medical Director
    Reece Hodgson
    Assistant Vice President, Underwriting
    Sophie Bouchard
    Sophie Bouchard
    Assistant Vice President, Underwriting
    Lisa Noseworthy
    Lisa Noseworthy
    Assistant Vice President MLMC
    Underwriting Production