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Hartford Steam Boiler Specialty Coverages through Agents and Brokers

The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company offers the following specialty coverages as monoline policies through independent insurance agents and brokers:

  • Equipment breakdown insurance: Covers the financial losses (property damage, business interruption, spoilage losses and more) that stem from accidents to equipment.
  • Renewable energy insurance: Specialized engineered insurance solutions for growing renewable energy markets and developing technologies and the broad spectrum of risks across all lines of business.
  • HSB Total Cyber: Comprehensive cyber risk coverage for the middle market.
  • Identity Recovery for employees: Helps business owners cover their employees with identity theft insurance and related services.

HSB continues to be committed to developing new, innovative products and services to address the growing need for specialty coverages. We offer many of these newer offerings through our partnerships with over 200 property-casualty insurers so that agents and brokers have the convenience of providing specialty coverages to clients as part of a package.

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