Benefits of transformer oil testing

Transformers are critical wherever electrical power is being generated. A breakdown or failure can cause total or partial plant shutdown, which can threaten your competitive edge as your uptime percentage plummets and your revenues are compromised.

Fluid-filled transformer capacities can range from 25 kva or smaller and up to thousands of MVA for generation and transmission purposes. Transformers can be specially designed to supply power to production line equipment. Long replacement lead-times can shutdown production directly effecting bottom-lines.

Benefits of transformer oil testing - HSB TOGA®

Most power transformers can be sampled while on-line using prescribed procedures. Smaller cabinet style transformers have the sample valve located near live electrical connection. These transformers typically require to be de-energized prior to sampling the insulating fluid.

Knowing the condition of your equipment not only helps to avoid losses, it also helps you work smarter. Your TOGA® Reports give your maintenance staff the knowledge needed to establish priorities, plan work assignment schedules, arrange outside service, and order parts and materials.

A good analogy for equipment fluid analysis is This test gives an early indication of abnormal behavior of the transformer by analyzing the types and quantities of combustible gases dissolved in the oil. HSB uses chromatography technology for DGA testing.

Data from a dissolved gas analysis can provide:

  • Advance warning of developing faults
  • Evidence of improper use of the unit
  • Status checks on new and repaired units
  • Information for use in scheduling repairs
  • Superior technology
Benefits of transformer oil testing - HSB TOGA®

Benefits of rotating equipment and hydraulic fluid testing

Rotating equipment like turbines, gearboxes and emergency engines for fire pumps and power generation applications require lube oil. Contamination from the coolant system increase friction, deplete additives, and form engine damaging particles. All of these steal engine life and can cause a sudden engine failure during a critical time or emergency.

Lube oil analysis can identify these conditions and many more. Samples are taken from turbines typically during operation or shortly after shutdown. Engine samples are typically taken while shut down using a simple vacuum pump and bottle.

Abnormal wear and fluid deterioration are reported, along with abnormal operating conditions that can impact the lube oil, based on trended historic results. 

HSB’s transformer oil testing service can help prevent costly transformer breakdowns and failures. Our program offers superior technical advantages that help you get the most out of your equipment.

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