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Jurisdictional inspection services

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    HSB  provides jurisdictional inspections of boilers and pressure vessels as a built-in benefit of all our Equipment Breakdown coverage programs. Nearly all states and cities have requirements for the periodic inspection of boilers and pressure vessels. Codes vary from state to state, but generally boilers and other pressure equipment must be inspected by commissioned inspectors at specified intervals for continued operation. These requirements make the business owner responsible for inspection compliance. Helping insureds meet these inspection obligations is part of HSB's value.

    HSB takes these inspections seriously because we understand the destructive potential of boilers and pressure vessels. Combining the inspection of boilers and pressure vessels with an insurance contract was a founding principle of HSB's business.

    As part of our Equipment Breakdown insurance programs we:

    • Proactively identify insureds that have jurisdictional inspection services requirements;
    • Schedule and perform boiler and pressure vessel certificate inspections in accordance with state or municipal jurisdictional requirements;
    • Provide recommendations where hazardous conditions are noted;
    • Offer advice to improve equipment operation, maintenance and reliability.

    HSB has a national network of inspectors who hold National Board certification and are also licensed by local jurisdictions where they work. HSB inspectors work closely with insureds to help them keep their boilers and pressure vessels in compliance with the adopted codes.

    As the largest insurer of machinery and equipment in the U.S., we can handle the inspection requirements of any class of business, whether it is a laundry or a large manufacturing plant. Helping our customers meet local inspection requirements is important as state or local authorities can fine businesses that don't comply and can even shut down operations.

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