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Contractors Errors & Omissions insurance

HSB Contractors Errors & Omissions insurance (Contractors E&O) is a form of liability coverage designed to protect artisan contractors from potential liability exposures resulting from allegations of negligence and errors in the insured’s work. This type of policy is designed to provide protection above and beyond the coverage generally offered by comprehensive general liability insurance. HSB Contractors E&O means valuable protection for artisan contractors.

Why do small contractors need Errors & Omissions coverage?

In today’s competitive and litigious environment, small contractors face many potential hazards. Customers expectations are greater than ever, and they're quick to allege negligence in a contractor’s work. Even simple complaints have the potential to escalate into legal disputes. The competitive market and economy pressures contractors to do more jobs within narrower margins, exposing them to costly errors in their work product.

Most contractors have General Liability insurance (GL) policies, but these exclude “your work,” “your product” and “impaired property.” HSB’s Contractors E&O insurance fills this coverage gap.

In the past, errors and omission coverage has not been widely available and affordable to small contractors. Now, HSB makes quality protection available to small contractors such as plumbers, electricians, painters, finish carpenters, heating/ventilation/air-conditioning professionals, select specialty trade contractors and others.

With our portfolio Contractors E&O insurance, small business owners are able to obtain quality coverage at affordable premiums.

What are the benefits of HSB’s Contractors Errors & Omissions insurance?

  • HSB reinsures the contractors errors and omissions exposure 100%
  • Dedicated claims servicing from experienced claim professionals
  • Legal representation provided by experienced law firms
  • Risk free income stream to the Client Company via ceding commission
  • Protects agents from errors and omissions exposure
  • Training for agents, underwriting and claims personnel
  • Comprehensive marketing and communications support

Who is eligible for HSB’s Contractors Errors & Omissions insurance?

  • Small “artisan-type” contractors, subject to eligibility requirements.
  • Over 40 eligible classes such as appliance installers; carpet installers; electricians; heating/ventilation/air-conditioning professionals (including dealers, distributors, installation, service or repair); fence erection contractors; finish carpentry contractors; painters; select specialty trade contractors; plumbers and more.
  • Coverage is only available on a reinsured basis through partner companies. HSB is not a direct market for Contractors E&O insurance.

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