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HSB Precision Ag Insurance Protects Smart Farms from Today’s Risks


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    • Stackable coverage for complex farm equipment and key data
    • The first microelectronics protection for implements in the field
    • Farm cyber covers threats from hackers and cyber criminals
    • Available loss prevention sensors and risk management services

    HSB Precision Ag Covers Farm Machinery and Electronics in the Cab

    HSB Precision Ag insurance, a flexible suite of coverages for today’s evolving farm data risks, technology and state-of-the-art equipment, was introduced today by HSB, part of Munich Re.

    Designed for large commercial enterprises and smaller family farms, it combines equipment breakdown and cyber insurance to offer broad protection for data-driven precision agriculture.

    Precision Ag provides a choice of insurance endorsements and loss prevention services designed to stack and work together without the potential gaps of some standalone farm insurance policies.

    It’s protection for the latest farming risks, including coverage for stationary equipment, electronics in the cab, key farming implements, and cybersecurity threats.

    “Data and technology are at the center of today’s farming operations,” said Ken Grothe, assistant vice president for HSB. “Increasing demand and climate change are driving the need for more efficiency and producers are pushing their equipment harder than ever. Farmers can’t afford expensive breakdowns, downtime, or the loss of critical information they depend on.”

    Breakthrough Microelectronics Protection for Farm Implements

    Operating in harsh conditions, farm machinery and electrical components are vulnerable to dust, chaff and other elements that can cause breakdowns and short circuits.

    Precision Ag covers the physical breakdown of equipment and the failure of microcircuitry and firmware for sensors, monitors, cameras and other electronics inside the cabs of tractors and combines.

    It’s the first farm insurance with an option to extend that coverage to portable agricultural implements, such as seeders, sprayers, spreaders and tillers, for both mechanical breakdowns and undetectable damage to the sensitive microelectronics that control them.

    Farm Cyber Coverage for Indispensable Crop Data

    Modern farming aggregates a tremendous amount of data to increase yields when planting, managing and harvesting crops. The loss of that data to hackers and cyber-attacks can reduce efficiency and drive up costs for fuel, fertilizer and irrigation.

    Precision Ag is available with additional HSB farm cyber coverage and services for computer attacks and cyber extortion, including data restoration, income loss and expense, and system improvements to help prevent future cyber-related losses.

    The extra cyber protection extends to personal devices used in the business of farming.

    IoT Sensors and Farm Risk Management Services

    In addition to equipment breakdown and cyber insurance, Precision Ag offers HSB’s Internet of Things sensor solutions to help prevent losses on farm property.

    Agribusiness risk management services can be provided by HSB specialists, who have experience with solar and wind systems, grain drying and storage, and poultry and hog confinement.

    Precision Ag is available through property-casualty insurers who partner with HSB to add the coverage for their farm policyholders.

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