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Agriculture reinsurance solutions for insurers

Sharpen your competitive edge with a diverse range of agricultural reinsurance solutions that go far beyond the traditional

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    Agricultural reinsurance solutions for insurance companies worldwide

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    Working with us enables you to benefit from our financial strength, our expertise and our global experience in supporting  insurers of agricultural  risks.  

    As a leading  agricultural reinsurer,  we  offer  our  clients  around  the world tailored  agricultural solutions  that  include capital relief transactions and  go well beyond the standard approach to reinsurance.

    Our range of agricultural reinsurance solutions

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    As  a  global  reinsurer, Munich  Re  covers  agricultural risks  on every continent  with  solutions  tailored  to  your specific needs.  Why not  take full advantage of  our financial  strength and  international  experience in  agricultural reinsurance?  In addition, we have local  knowledge of  your  market  that enables us to assist you in creating ideal solutions for every agricultural insurance need.  
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    As an insurer and manager of agricultural risks, you are challenged with controlling and optimizing your portfolio. Our experts in agricultural insurance are able to assist you in accurately assessing the insured risks across types of risks and locations, thus making a valuable contribution to your portfolio management.  

    As an  agricultural insurance  provider,  you’re  under constant pressure  to maintain your competitive edge.  Having  a strong partner in reinsurance  certainly helps. Wherever you are in the world, we can assist you in  factoring  in  the  possible impacts  of  climate change,  such as  increasing  rainfall, heatwaves, droughts, unseasonable frosts,  and windstorms. These  conditions  present serious challenges to  your business as an  insurer of  agricultural risks.  And our  agricultural insurance experts  stand ready to  assist  you  with individual, needs-based reinsurance solutions, as well as  advice on product design for the following lines:  

    • Crop hail insurance:  Coverage of hail on standing crops
    • Multi-peril crop insurance:  Coverage of  all-natural  perils (drought, excessive rainfall, frost, windstorm, etc.)
    • Revenue insurance:  Coverage of natural perils (drought, excessive rainfall, frost, windstorm, etc.) linked to commodity price fluctuations
    • Livestock insurance:  Coverage includes animal accident and life insurance, transport and quarantine, business interruption due to epidemics, diseases, technical malfunction  
    • Greenhouse insurance:  Coverage of the failure of technical facilities (e.g. heating, irrigation systems) and natural hazards (hail, wind, etc.)
    • Insurance of forestry plantations:  Coverage of forestry plantations, risk management of planted trees
    • Aquaculture insurance:  Coverage of aquaculture stock and equipment


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    Today, farmers find it more and more difficult to rely on stable crop yields. To counteract this trend, particularly in poorer countries, initiatives from the World Bank and other multilateral institutions, non-government organizations and donors increasingly turn to agricultural insurance. This also has application in industrialized countries where, for example, they make widespread multi-peril crop insurance possible.

    Governments  and the insurance industry  want  to ensure that farmers can make long-term investments without incurring substantial risks.  Public-private partnerships  (PPPs) are part of an intelligent solution at national level in which farmers, governments  and the insurance industry work together.  Our role is to connect  the different players and develop optimum solutions,  based on  our expertise and global business connections. There are  already multiple  successful PPP models worldwide,  which Munich Re builds on when assisting you in the design of a new solution.

    Capital market solutions
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    Alternative risk transfer products are increasingly establishing themselves as efficient  agricultural risk management  tools, especially to cover peak risks from natural catastrophes. The creation of  insurance-linked securities  (ILS) transfers risks to the capital markets - with the possibility to trade these securities on the secondary market.  Our dedicated capital market experts would be delighted to advise you on how best to use capital market products to manage specific risks.  

    What makes Munich Re unique as an agricultural reinsurer?

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    We find the best risk protection solutions through a combination of insurance expertise, new technologies and digitalization.
    Our experience, financial strength, efficiency and first-class service make us the first choice for all questions relating to risk.