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CLARA – Claims Risk Assessment
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CLARA – Claims Risk Assessment

Helping you get to grips with digital claims assessment

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    CLARA accelerates claims handling by up to 50%

    The time taken to handle claims is a key factor in an occupational disability insurer's reputation and the satisfaction of its clients. On average, such claims can take up to 200 days to process and often involve multiple requests for further information and convoluted assessment cycles — the scope for improvement is huge. Munich Re has developed the CLARA service for the MIRA Digital Suite to unlock this potential for improvement. Using structured interviews, this data-driven automation solution reduces the time taken to process claims by up to 50%. 

    Claims handling with and without CLARA

    Conventional claims handling process

    1. A claim is submitted.
    2. The claims handler checks that the claim contains all the required information and looks at the claim amount. Other appraisers are also involved in this process.
    3. The claims handler sends out a questionnaire to obtain information relevant to the claim.
    4. The actual claims handling process begins. The claims handler requests further relevant documents.
    5. The handler then makes a decision based on the gathered information.
    * Franke & Bornberg, DI-Claims study 2016

    Claims handling with CLARA

    1. A claim is submitted.
    2. Within a short time of the claim being submitted, the claims handler uses CLARA to conduct a rule-based telephone interview for the purposes of assessment.
    3. Following this, the handler sends out a brief questionnaire customised by CLARA, along with a transcript of the telephone interview.
    4. The claims handler then starts the focused claims handling process using the information already gathered.
    5. The handler makes a decision based on a standardised process with a high degree of objectivity.

    CLARA — the benefits at a glance

    Faster processing times are proven to result in fewer client complaints. 
    Workflows are systemised and external costs reduced. Administrative costs are also lowered.
    Shorter assessment times have a positive impact on your company's reputation. The claims process is increasingly important in ratings and analyses. CLARA give you an additional point of sale argument.
    Structured data collection enables detailed data analyses. This will drive targeted development of your business, give you a better understanding of incidence rates and allow you to assess risks in a more sophisticated manner.
    The higher degree of standardisation makes claims assessment more flexible and therefore fit for the future.
    Structured data collection and a focused handling process help to avoid errors.
    CLARA – the benefits at a glance
    © Bim / Getty Images
    CLARA will boost your reputation and strengthen your competitive position by significantly reducing claims settlement processing times.

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