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2011 will go down on record as being one of the deadliest years on record for Tornado fatalities in the United States after over 500 deaths were reported in the 1st half of the year alone.
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We handle your property risks

Extreme losses caused by disasters can be a major headache for corporates and the public sector alike. We have tailor-made solutions.

Property insurance coverage from a high-capacity insurance partner

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A solid foundation: Trust in our know-how and capital strength
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In times of increasing magnitude and frequency of natural catastrophe events, ever stronger international dependencies, and ubiquitous digitalisation and emerging risks, it is more important than ever to find an insurance partner who understands these hazards and the possible consequences for your organisation. You can rely on our in-depth experience of dealing with property-related exposures by teams that specialise in your industry – and on our innovative initiatives to mitigate the effects of a constantly changing risk landscape on your business.

Over 50 property underwriters are at your disposal globally to analyse your exposure, supported by over 30 nat cat experts to ensure we always have the latest research available and remain a reliable partner at your side – particularly in the event of a major loss.

To gain an in-depth understanding of your risks, we use our proprietary risk models and complement them which insights from leading risk-modelling providers.

Our solutions for your property related risks

Hurricanes Jose, Irma and Katia seen from the space
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Munich Re is known for its in-depth expertise and long-term engagement. We offer substantial underwriting capacity globally, even in areas with high exposure such as California (earthquakes and wildfires), Florida/Caribbean (hurricanes) and Japan (earthquakes and typhoons). 

Rest assured: Your protection will remain in Munich Re’s financially-sound book of business.

Remote industries - Aerial view of damages
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More often than not, a standardised solution is not the right approach for dealing with complex risk transfer. Our property underwriters are specialists in their respective fields and can provide extensive support tailored to your individual needs.
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Our experts assess your exposure in different locations and develop strategies to mitigate the risks. 

We can help you with advice on risk reduction from subject-matter experts. For example, experienced engineers in our team can assess the fire exposure at your critical locations from the ground up.

You need insight into nat-cat-related events and how they could impact your business? Rely on our in-house expertise – we employ experts in the field who can provide valuable input on mitigation strategies.

Cancun Caribbean houses after a hurricane
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We take a holistic approach to providing support: from risk assessment to risk mitigation, transfer and smooth claims processing. Our claims department will meet you on a level playing field when it comes to an unexpected property claim.

Our range of services — Providing support for all risk-related issues

As a premium insurance group, we offer products and services that support broad sections of your value chain and increase your competitive strength. We offer insurance solutions, (data) analyses, consulting services and software tools that are key to a successful business. 

By offering tailor-made solutions, we are able to help you meet your growing capital management requirements. Our capital strength means that we are in a position to take on large risks and ease our clients’ financial burden. 

Full-service provider in risk management and risk transfer

We offer:

  • Pure and significant net capacity (even in highly exposed nat cat areas)
  • Customised nat cat analysis supported by state-of-the-art analytical technology 
  • Consulting on wordings – our legal experts will take care of the small print
  • Loss prevention and engineering advice from in-house experts with global experience
  • Specific industry know-how – from a large team of interdisciplinary experts
  • Global benchmarking capabilities
  • Cross-line solutions

Our cover includes:

  • Property all risks
  • Multi-line/multi-year
  • Captive solutions and aggregate XL
  • Nat cat stand-alone and second-event
  • Parametrics
  • Quota share
  • Excess of loss

Solutions that go beyond traditional risk transfer

When natural disasters strike, organisations need to react quickly to ensure business continuity. Yet, conventional insurance products cannot always provide sufficient and timely funds to fully cover all costs incurred. To fill this gap, we at Munich Re have developed the parametric solutions One Storm and One Quake, guaranteeing swift, transparent and uncomplicated payouts after earthquakes and tropical cyclones. The perfect complement for your traditional coverage. 

What makes Munich Re stand out

€ bn
With more than €31bn in gross premiums written, Munich Re is one of the largest reinsurers
Our solid finances make us a reliable partner when it comes to major natural catastrophes
Property underwriters
With specialised know-how across all industries
With some 30,000 entries, our NatCatSERVICE is one of the most in-demand databases for natural catastrophes

The industries we serve

The companies we serve are generally ranked among the world's leading 5,000 players with a TIV exceeding US$ 500m and excellent risk-quality standards. All risks that fit into this category generally fall within our risk appetite.
  • Automotive 
  • Aviation
  • Food & beverages
  • Electronics and chemicals
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality and hotels
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Media
  • Metal processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pulp and paper
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles
  • TFT LCD technology
  • Warehousing
    ... and more.

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