Climate change & climate protection

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Risk assessment

The risk assessment, for example, incorporates analyses of the oceans, latest findings and impact assessments for climate change, as well as an assessment of new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions.


Physical effects of climate change

Climate change influences physical parameters in the biosphere (atmosphere and oceans). This phenomenon can be clearly measured through changes in weather factors such as temperature, precipitation and air pressure. For Munich Re, the long-term changes in weather extremes are just as relevant as the current developments in weather.

Regulatory changes resulting from climate change

Climate change not only alters weather patterns and the occurrence of weather extremes. It goes on to affect politics and many sectors of the economy. With increasing regularity, we are seeing intervention in the markets that change parameters and in turn lead to new risks – and new opportunities.

Technological changes

A key climate policy instrument is the promotion of CO2-free new technologies, notably renewable energies. We believe the insurance industry has a responsibility to identify and assess the risks in new technologies, and to work with our clients to offer risk transfer solutions tailored to their needs.

Climate change and security

The analysis and evaluation of the medium- and longer-term indirect consequences of climate change – a deterioration in the bases of life resulting from inadequate food supply or withdrawal from flooded coastal regions – have been on the scientific research agenda for many years, but only a few aspects have thus far found their way onto the agenda of political decision-makers. This has been true especially since financial and economic topics have dominated political discussion.

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Reports on Climate Change

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