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Climate check podcast

Munich Re experts share ideas on expanding climate resilience.

Podcast series

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    Inspiring conversations about the intersection of climate change and risk solutions

    The impacts of climate change are being felt in many parts of the world. But individuals and organizations are coming together to mitigate the risks of extreme weather in new, innovative, and inspiring ways.

    Munich Re’s Climate check podcast series explores brave and bold ways the insurance industry is expanding resilience in the face of climate change. From the expanding alternative fuel vehicle markets to veteran-led non profit that fortifies disaster-prone homes, Climate check shows how insurers are advancing meaningful climate solutions. 

    Climate check is hosted by Mark Maroon, Vice President of Portfolio Management for American Modern, a Munich Re company.

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    Risk and resilience in the upcoming hurricane season: Part 1 & 2

    Mark Bove,  Meteorologist and Senior Vice President of Natural Catastrophe Solutions for Munich Re Insurance America, discusses how communities around the world have fared  during recent hurricanes and offers insights about the upcoming...  Read more

    Location risk intelligence

    Thomas Walter, Product Marketing Manager for Risk Management Partners, explains how Location Risk Intelligence reveals climate-related portfolio risk—helping insurers and other financial institutions remain sustainable resources for the organizations that rely on them...  Read more

    Global shield against climate risk

    Head of Global Sales & Distribution and Senior Manager of Public Sector Business Development, delve into COP28: its structure, the major players, and key developments like climate resilience initiative Global Shield....  Read more

    Closing the protection gap in the MENA region: Part 1 & 2

    Andreas Pollmann, client management executive and head of department for the Middle East and North Africa region, discusses the perils the region has to face and the steps being taken to mitigate the risks (Part 1), followed by a discussion on how...  Read more

    New energy vehicle industry: Part 1 & 2

    Li Zi Jia, managing director of Smart Thinking Consulting, a Munich Re subsidiary, discusses the adaption of new energy vehicles and its rapid market growth in China...  Read more

    Green hydrogen: Part 1 & 2

    Stefan Riedel, chief underwriting officer for Property and Specialty Insurance at Munich Re, discusses the potential green hydrogen brings to governments and various industries (Part 1), followed by a discussion on how insurers can be supportive to make...  Read more

    Natcat Half Year 2023: Part 1 & 2

    Ernst Rauch, chief climate and geoscientist at Munich Re and Mark Bove, meteorologist and senior vice president of Natural Catastrophe Solutions at Munich Re US, discuss global natural disaster losses and strategies to adapt and mitigate risk (Part 1), followed...  Read more

    Climate-related liabilities and litigation: Part 1 & 2

    Lucas Beckmann, chief casualty underwriting officer at Munich Re, discusses climate-related liabilities and litigation, and how they arise (Part 1), followed by the actions Munich Re takes to mitigate CO2 risks (Part 2)...  Read more

    Helping move China's clean energy solutions forward

    Belhassen  Tonat,  general  manager  for  Munich Re's non-life  solutions in Greater China, shares  how China's energy transformation is being supported by reinsurers' offering of performance guarantees and other enabling risk solutions....
    Read more

    Supporting carbon storage in China

    Benny Zhou, head of the agriculture and actuarial department for Munich Re Greater China, discusses how reinsurance can support farmers participating in a program that preserves grasslands...
    Read more

    High Risk Regions and the Importance of Resilience: Part 1 & 2

    Haruka Narahashi, head of Treaty Reinsurance for Munich Re Japan, talks about the evolving risk of natural catastrophes that Japanese communities face. Learn more about how...  Read more

    New green tech world: Part 1 & 2

    Michael Schrempp, head of Green Tech Solutions at Munich Re, discusses how insurers can bolster advancements in green technology. Learn more about how...  Read more

    Helping underserved communities: Part 1 & 2

    Jason Dunn, senior vice president for strategic products at Munich Re, along with Team Rubicon's Brandon Callahan and Ana Luna, discuss how the nonprofit disaster response organization deploys military veterans to communities affected by natural catastrophes and other crises. Learn more about how...  Read more

    Flood insurance and the insurance gap: Part 1 & 2

    Raghuveer Vinukollu, Head of Climate Insights and Advisory in the US, talks about the range of solutions to mitigate the risk of flooding. Learn more about how...  Read more

    Increased risk of natural disasters: Part 1 & 2

    Ernst Rauch, chief climate and geo scientist at Munich Re, and Mark Bove, Munich Re America’s senior vice president of natural catastrophe solutions, address the value of data in mitigating the risks of climate change. Learn more about how...  Read more

    Managing physical climate risk: Part 1 & 2

    Chris Gottardo, head of business development, global banks, and asset managers for climate change solutions at Munich Re, explains how financial institutions can mitigate the risks of catastrophic climate events. Learn more about how...  Read more

    Munich Re's climate ambition: Part 1, 2, & 3

    Dr. Michael Menhart, global chief economist for the Munich Re Group, discusses the types of asset-driven commitments insurers can make to mitigate the impact of climate change. Learn more about how...  Read more