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Mission & Vision

Geoscientists at Munich Re have been analysing the effects of climate change on the insurance industry since the 1970s. Because of natural and anthropogenic changes to probability distributions for meteorological and hydrological parameters, a risk of change has resulted in the portfolios of Munich Re and its clients. You can find details of Munich Re's mission and vision here.

Based on our analyses over a period of more than 40 years, we have developed a comprehensive strategy whereby we identify and assess the risks and reflect them in our business processes. The physical changes caused by climate change and political/regulatory measures aimed at adapting to it and reducing emissions are helping to develop new topic areas that we assess in detail in terms of their relevance for our business activities (on both the asset and liability sides of the balance sheet).

Together, the mission and the vision define the framework for Munich Re's climate strategy.

Our mission describes how we identify and address the changes resulting from climate change. It also underlines our resolve to treat the challenges and opportunities arising from climate change as a long-term, strategic topic.


The vision outlines our responses as a leading reinsurer to the challenges thrown up by climate change. We believe it is important to place a strong emphasis on managing climate change, rather than simply responding passively to it.


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