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Technological equipment

Machinery and Technology Insurance

An equipment breakdown and damage, deterioration of stock, and business interruption policy all in one; providing comprehensive cover for businesses operating machinery and equipment.


Cyber cityscape

Cyber Insurance

Offering an all-in-one computer, data and cyber insurance policy to protect small to medium-sized businesses from cyber risks.


HSB Computer Insurance

Computer Insurance

A commercial product specifically designed to offer comprehensive cover for computer-related risks; split into four sections to provide customers with the flexibility to choose the level of cover they need.


Tower crane - construction insurance

Construction Insurance

Specifically designed to minimise the disruption to projects, risks such as third party liability, delays in project start-up and completion, commissioning and testing of machinery, and owned and hired-in plant can all be covered.


Wind turbines - renewable energy insurance

Renewable Energy Insurance

We offer a range of products and services covering wind turbines, solar and photovoltaic installations, biomass and anaerobic digestion plants.

Office buildings

Energy Efficiency Insurance

Unique policy for investors in energy conservation measures, energy service companies and energy saving project financiers, covering material damage of installed systems, business interruption and asset performance.


Modern office - property owners insurance

Property Owners Engineering Plus

Policy designed to cover mechanical and electrical equipment risks found within modern office and retail buildings.

Modern offices

Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance

A market-leading insurance solution covering the inherent defects of machinery in newly-constructed and refurbished buildings.

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