Transformer Oil Testing

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Transformer Fluid Analysis

Transformer oil testing

Hartford Steam Boiler transformer oil testing

Transformers are found in virtually every building, industry and institution. Sudden unexpected transformer breakdown can cause costly physical damage, electrical outages, business interruptions or fire. Transformer oil testing is an effective means to detect conditions that indicate the unit needs to be serviced before a loss occurs. Many transformers are filled with insulating fluids, such as mineral oil, silicone, natural ester or chlorinated types.

Hartford Steam Boiler offers insulating oil analysis

Analysis of the insulating fluid used in most transformers is an effective way to increase the reliability of transformers and other equipment at a reasonable cost. Hartford Steam Boiler’s Transformer Oil & Gas Analysis Program (TOGA®) has a proven record of success in helping to keep your equipment on line and preventing an unexpected failure. It can be more effective and less disruptive than other available methods – insulating oil samples can usually be taken without removing equipment from service.

HSB TOGA® also provides lube oil, hydraulic fluid and heat transfer fluid analysis

Samples are shipped from a TOGA® laboratory with containers and paperwork. Samples are then returned to our laboratory for analysis and we evaluate the results. The results and recommendations are published to the secure TOGA® site for your convenience.

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