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HSB Thermography Services

Why HSB thermography?

For over 150 years, Hartford Steam Boiler has been setting the standard in equipment breakdown and other specialty insurance worldwide. We bring deep engineering knowledge and skills, along with something vital – close relationships with our customers and business partners.

Technical Knowledge & Financial Strength

HSB's technical competencies, coupled with our financial strength, make us one of the few firms in the world that can help protect clients’ assets while helping to optimize their business operations. We have the experience and technology to understand and manage a wide range of risks – and the depth of expertise needed to innovate.

We back our judgments with a variety of insurance and risk transfer products including equipment breakdown insurance, business interruption, property, and other specialty coverages such as system performance guarantees. HSB insurance and reinsurance products can also pay for financial loss and business recovery expenses incurred in the event of covered equipment breakdown.

HSB thermography services has offered the most accurate data since 1983

We have been conducting thermographic surveys for every type of business, from grocery stores to steel mills, since 1983. Our program meets the American Society of Nondestructive Testing Practices for Thermal/ Infrared Testing Certification and is overseen by an independent Level III company, Snell Infrared in Barre, Vermont.

HSB Thermography Services uses high-end thermal cameras to generate the most accurate data available. Our certified technicians - located in major cities across the U.S. - consult with customers to clarify their needs and goals before work begins. They, then, evaluate the survey results and provide meaningful recommendations that can help the customer prevent potential losses. This combination of consultative HSB expertise and state-of-the-art technology is key. Without the knowledge and experience needed to correctly interpret results, an infrared survey cannot deliver its full benefit.

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HSB Thermography Services
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