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Influence of climate oscilation - Munich Re

Study shows influence of climate oscillation
on Typhoon losses in Asia
March 2014

Typhoon losses in East and Southeast Asia are influenced by a climate oscillation that alternately leads to periods of approximately ten years with fewer or more windstorms.

Climate change: Data, facts, background - Munich Re

Climate Change: Data, facts, background
March 2013

The influence of La Niña from January to May and August to December was a major cause of many of the extreme weather losses in 2011.

Wildfires in south east Australia - Munich Re

Wildfires in Southeast Australia
June 2010

Over the coming years and decades, climate change will probably lead to environmental conditions resulting in more frequent and more intense fires.

Climate change: Data, facts, background - Munich Re

Climate Change: Data, facts, background
June 2010

2009 was the fifth-warmest year since 1850, despite the notable absence of record temperatures since 1998. Have the critics been right all along – is climate change a thing of the past?

Putting knowledge into practice - Munich Re

Putting knowledge into practice
July 2009

80 leading researchers and experts get together to discuss the role of climate models.

Think factories - Munich Re

Two think factories analyse the risks and
opportunities of climate change
October 2008

The collaboration between Munich Re and the London School of Economics sees two think factories joining forces to combine their knowledge about climate change.

Munich Re Touch

Munich Re Touch Publications - Munich Re


In Touch Publications we offer many publications regarding climate change. Registration is free of charge.

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