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Climate Change

Climate Change is a subject that concerns us all

It is one of the greatest risks facing mankind. In recent years, Munich Re has actively supported and advanced climate protection and adaptation to global warming.

Strategy and policy

Joint action: In the past few years, Munich Re has initiated major innovative projects, such as the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative and the desert energy initiative Dii GmbH.

Desert Power

At the initiative of Munich Re, many industrial partners and the Desertec Foundation set up the Dii GmbH in October 2009.


Acquiring knowledge: Since 1973, Munich Re has devoted intense work to the issue of climate change and the consequences of global warming.

Insurance and financial solutions

Translating knowledge: Munich Re devises pioneering coverage concepts and financial solutions, thus securing and promoting climate protection technology.


Here you will find more articles on the topic.


January 2013

Dii Desert Energy Conference 2012

At the Dii’s third annual conference, held in Berlin in early November 2012, 600 international guests from politics and business discussed the latest progress and political and regulatory measures for ensuring renewable energy supplies within a Europe/Middle East/North Africa (EUMENA) energy alliance.

January 2013

Study shows influence of climate oscillation on Typhoon losses in Asia

Typhoon losses in East and Southeast Asia are influenced by a climate oscillation that alternately leads to periods of approximately ten years with fewer or more windstorms.

October 2012

Severe weather in North America

Weather risks are changing faster in North America than anywhere else in the world. The consequences are dramatic. Extreme weather phenomena cause rising damage each year. Our latest study provides a overview of severe weather hazards in North America.

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In Touch Publications we offer many publications regarding climate change. Registration is free of charge.

Recent Publications

2013 will be remembered as a year with many water-related catastrophes and floods on nearly all continents.

Munich Re Touch


Basic knowledge, analyses, statistics and insurance know-how on all aspects of natural hazards and natural catastrophes.

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