Local exhaust ventilation installation
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Local Exhaust Ventilation Regulations


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    The UK's Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) places duties on employers and suppliers to control hazardous substances at work, taking effective measures to control exposure and protect health.


    HSB Inspection Services

    We can provide assistance in compliance with COSHH for local exhaust ventilation (LEV); from fume, dust extraction and HVAC inspection, to LEV inspections, COSHH inspections, and COSHH risk assessments.

    Located throughout the UK, our engineers are focused on helping businesses, of all sizes and industry types, to stay compliant and safe.

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    Complementary Services and Insights

    HSB Risk Management Solutions | Engineering Consultancy Services
    HSB Risk Management Solutions
    Three engineering consultancy services to help businesses reduce risks, costs, and deliver compliance via improved analysis of their equipment, and health and safety practices; further split into modules, allowing businesses to build them to fit their business.
    Plant and Equipment Guides
    Plant and Equipment Guides
    Inspection frequencies and detailed diagrams of typical plant and equipment used across various industries, together with the applicable UK legislation for each item.
    Technical bulletins
    Technical Bulletins
    Covering the latest topical issues relevant to our customers.

    Supplementary Regulations