Technical bulletins
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Technical Bulletins

Covering the latest topical issues relevant to our customers.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment start-up following an extended shut down period: Guidance for machinery, electrical installations and mechanical systems

Following an extended shut down period, parts and components can corrode and become seized and/or strained; potentially leading to breakdown, damage or even catastrophic failure upon start-up.

Cold weather boiler failure

A broken boiler or burst pipes is not only an inconvenience; the damage to property and, in some cases, interruption to business can have a significant impact in terms of repair costs, loss of income and disruption to operations.

Construction and Engineering

Guidance on temporary closure of construction sites

How to manage a construction site shutdown in order to reduce the risks and impact of any issues during a temporary closure of the works.

Welding fume safety alert

The UK Health & Safety Executive have strengthened their enforcement expectation for all welding fume with immediate effect; following new scientific evidence regarding its effects on human health.

How to make sure your air conditioning keeps its cool

If you’re going to have an air conditioning failure, it’s going to occur during early summer; when most air conditioning breakdowns materialise. Our engineers are here to offer tips on avoiding the most common problems with a little strategic maintenance.

Are you complying with UK Law?

Our guide to plant and equipment legislation and examinations highlights applicable UK legislation and relevant legislative examination requirements for various classes of plant and equipment; including typical inspection frequencies.

Tower crane collapse events

During the winter months, the risk of tower crane collapse events can increase due to associated adverse weather.

Plant theft: a major risk to UK business

Plant theft continues to be a major problem for the UK construction industry, however, there are several steps that can be taken to help reduce and protect against theft.

Computer & Cyber

Cyber risks: 10 tips for cyber security - risk mangement

Quick and easy tips designed for both individuals and organisations to assist in cyber security protection.

Phish bait: Three tips to help you avoid a hacker's hook

We all know to look out for suspicious emails. But phishing emails are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, tricking even the savviest amongst us.

How to treat three common cyber tricks
Under the cover of the dark web, cyber criminals are refining their sinister methods. And they’re only becoming more sneaky and destructive.
Protecting small businesses from a data breach

Data breaches aren’t just a big business problem; small and medium-sized businesses with fewer data security resources are particularly vulnerable. It’s important for businesses of every size to take steps to prevent a data breach.

Small business

Cyber-securing your small business: Developing a written programme

Knowing what information you have and its location is the first step in expediting and lowering the cost of responding to cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Electrical wiring installations

Property owners’ electrical installations - Top five self-checks between formal inspections

Property owners can reduce electrical risks in their properties with routine visual self-checks in between formal inspection and testing.

Electrical inspections: reducing the risks

With electrical distribution being the main source of ignition in commercial fires (across England, Scotland and Wales), there is an ever-increasing risk of property damage and personal injury.

UK electrical wiring regulations: What do the 2018 changes mean for property owners and commercial landlords?

Half of the 38,000 accidental property fires across England during 2017/18 were caused by electrical faults/misuse. Following changes to the UK Wiring Regulations (18th edition), property owners and commercial landlords must have an adequate level of understanding and awareness of the changes in order to remain compliant.

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