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Optimize your energy efficiency

HSB has over 150 years of expertise providing inspection, insurance, and risk management to the energy business, and is a registered engineering company in the State of Connecticut, with Certified Energy Managers and Certified Energy Auditors on staff. HSB has harnessed our technical experience with energy-intensive equipment and systems into programs to help our clients optimize efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Energy efficiency calculators

HSB’s engineering team has designed an easy to use series of energy efficiency calculators made for the average business or institution to assess their own equipment and operating conditions and identify efficiency improvements.

Our energy efficiency calculators cover a wide range of equipment types and sizes including boilers, HVAC, electrical, lighting and mechanical equipment. 

On average, it costs $4.00 a square foot to heat, cool, and light a typical commercial building. Our calculators can help identify potential energy cost savings of up to 15 to 20 percent per year.

Facility self-assessment

An effective electrical preventative maintenance (EPM) program can improve equipment efficiency and reduce utility bills. An EPM program can also help to improve equipment life, efficiency and reliability by helping maintain the equipment in proper operating condition within the manufacturer’s guidelines.

HSB’s electrical distribution system self-assessment survey provides insights to help improve the reliability and operation of your electrical distribution system. 

HSB Prepare™ pre-emergency planning

Businesses can be affected by a disaster when least expected. Lack of preparedness can cost businesses millions of dollars and thousands of hours of productivity each year. A pre-emergency plan will help your organization make good decisions in an emergency, and Prepare™ can help you get started.

HSB Prepare™ is an information gathering system to guide business owners in developing a plan of action before an emergency occurs to facilitate a swift recovery. Its purpose is to reduce the length of time between the occurrence of an accident to significant electrical, mechanical or pressure equipment and return to normal operations.

Equipment Care

Our Equipment Care service shares our extensive knowledge of most types of equipment - including what can go wrong and how to make equipment run better and longer. Customers can find energy saving tips, loss control tools, equipment care resources and videos to help them better manage the operation of their equipment.

HSB Efficiency First™ deepens customer relationships through a low cost, high-value touchpoint. HSB Efficiency First™ resources are easy to "plug and play" and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website to start benefiting your customers quickly.

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